The Story Behind Anne Burrell's Hair

Anne Burell is a name that is fairly well-known within the culinary world, but even those that don't have an invested interest in cooking would likely have no problem recognizing the Food Network star. Per her website, the longtime "Worst Cooks In America" host has a self-described "pumped-up personality" that, like her decision to sport vibrant cow-girl skirts instead of traditional chef's pants in the kitchen, sets her apart from others in her field. However, what really makes the chef easily identifiable to foodies and non-foodies alike are her platinum blond locks, which she typically wears in a spiky style. 

"I've never been anything other than a blond my whole life," she said once during an interview and further proved by sharing a throwback photo from her ballet-dancing days to Instagram earlier this year (via "Anne Burrell"). Her signature, gravity-defying 'do, meanwhile, hasn't always been the norm. "It all started when, as a kid, I had horrible hair," the recently-engaged cookbook author explained a few years back (via The Daily Mail). "It was the pin-straight and it looked like my mom put a bowl over my hair to cut it." But as with most people that grew up in the 70s and 80s, Burrell looked to one of the era's biggest stars for inspiration for her locks.

Here's what Anne Burrell does to achieve her signature hairstyle

After being stuck with braces and a hairstyle a-la Dorothy Hamill, chef Anne Burrell knew she needed a change. "I want Farrah Fawcett hair," she recalled telling her mom. As you can see, the actress's voluminous, feathered style clearly had some influence on Burrell's look, though ultimately, she took matters into her own hands (via The Daily Meal). "I just started getting creative with my hair and it never stopped. It keeps growing and growing."

These days, Burrell has her hair routine down-pat. According to the "Rachael Ray Show," her infamous style starts with a hearty dose of hair spray — Big Sexy Hair, to be more specific — which she then combs through her short tresses (via The Beauty Box Salon). Next, the chef blowdries her hair to achieve "troll doll consistency" before using her hands to shape it into her desired style. Finally, Burrell does one more spritz of hairspray to keep her look intact, and there you have it. The simple, four-step process chef Burrell uses to achieve her signature look which, by the way, she swears she's been rocking before her hair-twin, Guy Fieri. "I had it first. Guy Fieri copied me!" she claimed, according to The Daily Meal. We'll take your word for it, Anne!