Culver's Is Turning Its April Fool's Joke Into An Actual Burger

If there's one thing Culver's is known for ... Well, there isn't just one thing they're known for. They've got those delicious ButterBurgers, they've got that amazing frozen custard, and then they've got their signature cheese curds (Culver's). Not quite sure what a cheese curd is? Wisconsin Cheese explains that curds are a byproduct of cheddar-making, and their youthful state makes them pretty mild-tasting when eaten on their own. When you get them at Culver's, though, this Wisconsin-based chains serves them up in Midwestern-style, batter-dipped and deep-fried.

This past April (the first day of that month, if that means anything to you), Culver's social media team tweeted the Wisconson-iest thing ever to grace social media. It was even more Wisconsin than Aaron Rodgers and Bucky Badger drinking Miller Lite in a supper club. (According to this tweeted video, Rodgers is more of a Bud man, anyway, while Bucky is the University of Wisconsin mascot and needs to stay sober in front of the under-21s.) So what did Culver's post? A tantalizing shot of something they called the Curderburger, described as "One big Wisconsin Cheese Curd under a lightly buttered, toasted bun." 

They did confess in the comments that they were just trolling in honor of April Fool's, but suggested that anyone drooling over the Curderburger simply order a ButterBurger and a side of curds and top the former with the latter. Six months later, they're bringing back the concept — only this time it's for real.

Culver's Curderburger will only be available for one day

While Culver's may have been goofing around on April Fool's Day, they'd never kid about a holiday that they take far more seriously: October 15's National Cheese Curd Day. One reason why Culver's is cuckoo for Curd Day is because, according to their website, they actually invented the holiday (Culver's). In the past, they celebrated the day by introducing a new mascot (complete with his own plushie), Curdis the Curd Nerd. This year they're going one better by adding to the menu -– just for that one day only — the item demanded by the Twitterverse (or Midwestern portion thereof): A real-life Curderburger.

The Curderburger that Culver's will be serving up won't quite match the one in the April Fool's tweet, however. That one consisted of nothing but a giant curd on a bun, while Madison's NBC 15 reports that the Curd Day Curderburger will have a Deluxe ButterBurger base and be topped off with that giant curd (actually made from a number of yellow and white curds that will have been lumped together before being breaded and fried). If you do manage to score one of these coveted Curderburgers on their special day, be sure to document the experience! If you upload either a pic of yourself eating one or a receipt showing your purchase to the Curderburger web page, you'll be entered in a drawing to win a limited edition Curderburger t-shirt.