Gordon Ramsay Is Bringing Back His Beloved How-To Series

School is back is session and the busy holiday season is fast approaching, so we need quick fix meal ideas now more than ever. Gordon Ramsay must have read his fans' minds, because he made an exciting announcement on his Twitter account this week.

In a tweet, the chef shared the return of "Ramsay in 10." The first of the fresh batch dropped today, with new videos releasing every Thursday. "I'm showing you how to make incredible dishes in just 10 minutes," he wrote. "But if it takes you 10, 12, 15 or 30 ... it doesn't matter! Cook with confidence!" 

Ramsay kicked off the revival of his popular cooking series in a video on YouTube by showing viewers how to make Cheesy Green Pasta with kale. Not only does he promise it will cook fast, he assures viewers that "any member of your family is gonna love this dish." As with past "Ramsay in 10" segments, he isn't happy with just making the recipe in the allotted time — he's trying to beat the clock and make it even faster.

Months have passed since viewers last saw an addition to this series, but it's being reignited just in time for the release of Ramsay's latest project — one he announced on YouTube this past spring.

"Ramsay in 10" returns just before the launch of the corresponding cookbook

In Gordon Ramsay's announcement on Twitter, there's no indication of how many "Ramsay in 10" episodes the chef will share, but his fans are surely hoping that this will be the start of a steady run.

The first "Ramsay in 10" video released back in September 2019 on YouTube when he showed viewers how to make a quick Shrimp Scampi. There were a few more episodes that year, most of them set up as a challenge for his former "Hell's Kitchen" contestant Chef Mia Castro. She shared her 10 minute recipes for dishes like Gourmet Ramen and Pumpkin Spice Pancakes. After that, the show had a bit of a hiatus that coincided with the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and international lockdowns. When it resumed in April of last year viewers could see that, like everyone else, Ramsay was at home. His wife, kids, and even his dog were on camera as "Ramsay in 10" offered dishes like Steak and Potatoes, Butternut Squash Curry and Fish and Chips

Before September 30, no new episodes had dropped since May 2020. There was a quick announcement on YouTube this spring about his "Ramsay in 10" cookbook, which is due to be released November 2 (via Barnes & Noble). In the meantime, you can start flexing your 10 minute cooking skills with Ramsay's newest videos.