44% Of People Think This Sandwich Shop Has The Worst Bacon

Americans like bacon. In 2017, CBS reported on a poll that showed 21% of respondents would choose to eat bacon on each of their remaining days on Earth. Moreover, 20% maintained that they would either have real bacon - none of that turkey stuff – or forgo it entirely. Evidently, you shouldn't skimp on the sizzled piggy. That makes it in a restaurant's best interest to have the best bacon on offer. So, Mashed discovered which sandwich shop is viewed as providing the worst bacon based on responses from 599 people in the U.S.

Of those who responded, only 5.18% disliked the bacon at Firehouse Subs the most (at least compared to the other options). Really, most of the sandwich shop options got off lightly, as Jersey Mike's received only 5.34% of the ire, Quiznos 8.51%, and Jimmy John's 10.18%. Even the second and third places in the poll fared fairly well, as 14.52%  of people deemed Blimpie's bacon the worst and 12.02% picked Penn Station. This is because there is one sandwich chain that a solid plurality of people voted as having the worst bacon.

People said Subway had the worst bacon

Is anyone surprised to learn that in a poll about the sandwich shop with the worst bacon 44.24% chose Subway? After all, the company has repeatedly had bad press concerning its ingredients. People have claimed its tuna isn't tuna and that its chicken meat isn't entirely chicken. In Ireland, a court said Subway's bread cannot be legally called bread due to its sugar content. If those stories have any meaningful impact, then, of course, some people (rightly or wrongly) might not trust Subway's bacon!

However, Subway attempted to address these criticisms this summer with their Eat Fresh Refresh campaign. As The Washington Post reports, the idea was not to chase a novelty sandwich but instead to improve the basic ingredients of the sandwiches it sells. Part of this effort was a newly branded hickory-smoked bacon. The piece describes "strips of bacon cut so thin they were almost translucent." Moreover, according to Eat This, Not That!'s anonymous Subway operator, the ingredients have largely remained unchanged. So, the new bacon might be the same as the old bacon, just thinner.