Why This Disneyland Dinner Costs $15,000

The land of Mickey Mouse and Snow White is known to be extravagant at the very least. Regardless of your budget, Disneyland has plenty of food, drink, attractions, entertainment, and experiences that cater to kids and adults alike. If you do have the money to splurge, though, the Disneyland experience can certainly be a lot more magical. From a private tour with front row tickets to the Disney parade and waking up in Cinderella's Castle Suite, to access to the super-secretive Club 33 and the chef's table at the 18-seater Victoria and Albert's restaurant, Disney knows how to treat its guests like true VIPs — as long as you can afford it, of course (via Business Insider).

Out of all of Disney's lavish experiences, however, there's one that's a tad more special: 21 Royal. The extravagant seven-course dinner hosted at a luxe residence designed by Walt and Lillian Disney will cost a mere $15,000 for a group of 12 (via Business Insider). Per Eater, the 21 Royal experience is located in Disneyland's New Orleans Square on top of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. In true Disney style, guests are whisked away to through sneaky side gates and staircases closed off from commoners for a magical night of eating, drinking, and access to all-things Disney that are away from the eyes of the other Disney-goers below.

Disneyland's 21 Royal gives you the VIP treatment

Per the 21 Royal website, the luxury residence was Walt and Lillian Disney's vision — a private area swanky enough for the couple to host people of importance. And, for anyone willing to part with $15,000, 21 Royal promises a night (or five hours, rather) of "exceptional hospitality and exquisite dining in an exclusive location."

Private valets will whisk you away to the residence, walk you through the night's itinerary, and safely hand you over to the care of accomplished butlers in the apartment's salon. Snap your fingers and cocktails will appear for you to sip on as you tour your restaurant for the night. According to Eater, you can walk through the 2,200 square-foot residence done up in Disney style and spot all sorts of Disney characters hidden in the residence's decor — all while munching on hors d'oeuvres like duck spring rolls and tuna served on dry ice.

Guests are then guided to a dining room for a sit-down dinner prepared by Andrew Sutton, the executive chef of Disneyland's Napa Rose, served on gold-plated dinnerware. The dinner, 21 Royal says, is "a wonderful combination of fine dining and Disney storytelling at its delicious best," featuring the very best of ingredients flown in from all over the world to land. While the menu changes often, previous dinners have included delicacies like king crab and caviar, seafood soup with sea urchin foam, and A5 wagyu. Each dish is then paired with the finest wines per Disney's sommelier's recommendation.