Ted Allen Just Shared His Favorite David Bowie Songs

There are countless people who have been inspired by the otherworldly appeal of David Bowie. From musicians like Lady Gaga and Jay Z to The Killers and Arctic Monkeys, Bowie has been a defining force for many musicians (via MTV). But little did Chopped fans know that host Ted Allen is also a huge Bowie fan.

Though Bowie's last album, "Blackstar," was released on his birthday in 2016 just two days before the legend passed from liver cancer, Allen is just now delving into the dark album (via Radio X). "Been obsessed — OBSESSED — with @DavidBowie's #Blackstar for two weeks. I finally get it. Some of the most gorgeous music he ever made. You want to know the #Starman? It's all there," Allen tweeted on October 3, 2021. And while Allen is clearly loving the parting album Bowie released, it's tracks haven't exactly broken into Allen's ranking of top favorite Bowie songs yet.

These are Ted Allen's all-time favorite David Bowie songs

While fans of Ted Allen and David Bowie were happy to see someone else get how insightful the "Blackstar" album actually is, they were just as happy to see Allen's top favorite songs. "It's not 'Let's Dance.' It's not 'Scary Monsters' (my fave @DavidBowie song ever is either '#AshesToAshes' or '#TeenageWildlife.') Would any of us be making those albums if we knew what he knew? #Blackstar," Allen tweeted. "Left out '#Starman' & '#QueenBitch,' #oops," he added to his Twitter thread.

One fan commented that "Teenage Wildlife" is an amazing yet underrated song, but Allen disagreed. Apparently, the song has always been one of Allen's top three favorite Bowie songs. If anything is clear, it's that Allen is far from a surface-level Bowie fan. For those who admire both Allen and Bowie, you might want to take Allen's lead and dig deeper into the discography to listen beyond Bowie's top hits.