This Was Antonia Lofaso's Biggest Top Chef Regret

Celebrity chef Antonia Lofaso is a fierce competitor who's not afraid to go all-in when she's preparing dishes. Per her official website, Lofaso stands out in the industry for her unique "interpretation of old-school Italian" food and has worked under many accomplished chefs such as Wolfgang Puck. For her, it's essential to showcase her personality through her dishes while making sure that she is able to grasp what her audience needs from her.

As a television personality, Lofaso has definitely made an impression with numerous appearances on the reality TV show "Top Chef." As a an ambitious chef, Lofaso felt incredibly let down in 2011 when she lost out on an opportunity to be in the finals of the competition. She said, "I really wanted to be there at the end to cook the final dinner and then there, just at the end, just let the judges decide who was better and I would have been OK with that." So, what's the one thing she regrets most from her time on the show?

Antonia Lofaso wanted to serve a different dish

Per the Chicago Tribune, Antonia Lofaso couldn't help feeling a bit nervous when she realized that she would have to work with Japanese food. She wasn't completely new to the cuisine, though, and had picked up some tricks from Wolfgang Puck. She explained, "I wasn't unfamiliar with it, but I don't do bento box by any means for a living."

When it came down to choosing the dish that she would make for the judges, Lofaso had to ditch her first preference, hamachi, and work with fish that was fresh. She said that she felt obligated to work with the ingredients that were super fresh. Unfortunately, the fish that she first checked didn't seem great and she chose to serve tuna instead. Lofaso said, "Even though I didn't want to serve the tuna — I preferred to serve the hamachi, it would have been the better preparation of raw fish — I went with the fish that was the freshest." Unfortunately, the chef lost out to her fellow competitor in a close contest. Despite this setback, the chef has continued to excel in her career after her time on reality TV.