Duff Goldman Learned This Easy Crepe Trick From A Child

TikTok has quickly risen in popularity, especially with teens. The site, which The Atlantic notes helps people get "famous very quickly" houses videos that range from dance recreations, to karaoke, to handy tricks and proves that students really can become masters. When it comes to these videos, age means nothing. If the round-up from One Crazy House is any indication, there are seemingly hacks that come from kids and adults, as well as ages in between, like TikTok-ing college student @kaansanity, who teaches people how to more easily take notes in class.

And the tips don't stop there, from food theories like "every single food is either a soup, sandwich, or salad," to a salmon rice hack, there is no shortage of young TikTok-ers proving that children are our future, or at least making the future of food a bit brighter. There is also no higher proof point than the likes of Duff Goldman, a pastry master, learning a trick to making crepes from a kid.

Duff Goldman was impressed with the child's crepe idea

While the trick may not have come from a stranger on TikTok, Goldman learned that a great tip can come from an unlikely source. He told Insider that one day when he was filming Food Network's "Kids Baking Championship" as a judge, he saw a kid use the bottom of a crepe pan and dip it into the batter then place the pan on the burner, making for the "perfect crepes" and a very unconventional hack. 

As anyone who has made crepes the old fashioned way can attest, this is truly a game-changing idea. A crepe made in a skillet without it usually involves several steps, from ladling a small amount of batter in a very hot skillet, and rolling the pan just so in order to make sure the batter is thin enough, and then making sure the thin crepe "crust" can be flipped without breaking (via Julia's Album). It takes meticulous effort, whereas this trick will save time and give you the same results. What a great idea!