Workers Reveal What It's Really Like To Work At Little Caesars

There's a world of difference between the human Julius Caesar and the restaurant Little Caesars. One's an assassinated Roman emperor, whilst the other's a multinational conglomeration that sells pizzas and breadsticks. Moreover, according to The Lives of the Twelve Caesars, Julius wasn't even a short fellow, being described as notably tall.

However, despite the fact that Little Caesars is not very similar to the man that it's named after, this franchise is still super successful. Statistica reported that this chain had over 4,000 stores across the U.S. during 2019 and made over three billion worth of sales there that same year. The popular chain, of course, employs an army of workers to keep these stores running.

So, with all of that in mind, what's it like working for a big-wig pizza place that has heaps of workers and zero regard for historical accuracy? Is it good? Is it terrible? What are the perks? Does this joint provide its staff with free pizzas? Whelp, if that string of hypotheticals has intrigued you, then you're in the right spot. Because we're on the precipice of leaping into such questions. We're going to uncover what it's really like to work at Little Caesars.

The Little Caesars work environment can be a friendly one

If you've ever worked a job that involves being a member of a team, then you probably know that having nice co-workers can make all the difference. Your dream job of being a spa reviewer can blow if you're dealing with mean people all day, and a terrible job can be just a tad better if you're surrounded by the right folks. Ergo, if you're working in a pizzeria, then you probably want to have 10/10 workmates.

And fortunately for Little Caesars, multiple people have said that they liked being a team member at this joint. For instance, a cashier there gave a glowing review of their employer during an interview they did with Job-Applications. During this video, they said, "The work environment? It was actually pretty friendly. I really got along with most of the workers there. It was comforting. When you first enter they were like, 'Oh, you're new,' and they will help you out with anything you asked. They weren't really stingy or anything. I think it was a nice environment."

What's more, an ex-employee named Emma Tolbert gave this workplace the thumbs-up in a piece that they wrote for All Things Madison. In this article, Tolbert expressed that she became friends with heaps of her co-workers and that the environment there was very supportive. So, if you want to work at an amiable pizzeria, then Little Caesar might be a great bet.

Little Caesars worker wages are on the low side

Like most modern businesses, the difference between what the Little Caesars' CEO earns and what their workers get is astronomical. According to Indeed, a restaurant staff member there will be paid, on average, $9.28 for every hour that they work. A crew member will earn an average of $10.26 per hour, a dough maker will earn an average of $11.48 per hour, and a general manager will earn an average of $14.27 per hour. Suffice to say, the salary of a general staff member at Little Caesar is on the low side.

So, with that being stated, how much do the big wigs at this company earn? Whelp, Comparably claimed that the average Little Caesars' executive earns $237,756 each year. They also asserted that the lowest an executive gets is currently $50,000 each year and the most someone can currently make is $700,000 each year. This means that the bosses at this company are earning heaps more than the people hustling away in their fast food stores.

The dough is made fresh

Little Caesars has touted that it makes its pizza dough fresh on Twitter, on Facebook, and in a press release or two. Furthermore, these bases aren't made by magic fairies or robots from the future. These pieces of pizza dough are crafted by humans. Ergo, if you plan to work at Little Caesars, then you might have to be prepped to make some bases from the ground up.

However, in 2021, one TikToker called @mommymilkies42069 attested that the Little Caesars they worked in froze its dough. In a video of theirs, they show racks upon racks of dough which they touch in a way to state that it's solid. This user also explicitly expressed that this product isn't fresh in their caption. These claims point to the notion that maybe not every Little Caesars does what the company promises and in place of that, some stores make its clientele premade bases.

Your store could be a super organized one

It goes without saying a good pizzeria is an organized pizzeria. After all, you don't want your dough makers showing up late, mushrooms going missing, and folks forgetting how long a pie should be in the oven. It probably doesn't matter how delicious a pizza is if it's severed late or with the wrong toppings. You want your pizza shop to be a swell sailing ship.

So it's, therefore, a good sign that multiple Little Caesars workers have described their work environment as an ordered one. As one cook of theirs says in a Job-Application clip that this joint is "very organized, very organized." They then went on to state, "The people were very nice, managers very, very well, I guess you would say, educated on what they had to do."

Other people have stated similar things about this place on the main job review websites. On Indeed, a person who claimed to be a former employee of Little Caesars gave this workplace a five-star rating and touted the company for being organized. Furthermore, on Glassdoor, another account gave this company the exact same rating and touted its management skills and how its staff ran the joint.

You might not get breaks working here

Working a hospitality job can be hard, exhausting, and a ton of effort. It, therefore, makes sense that if you're doing long hours in such a gig, you should be entitled to having a short respite every so often. However, while this is the case, the Department of Labor and U.S. federal law hasn't made lunch or coffee breaks mandatory.

So, with this in mind, does Little Caesars do the right thing and give its employees short reprieves? Well, according to one former worker and TikToker named Mariam Alaouie, they do not. In a viral clip video of theirs, they say, "You do not get breaks at all." Moreover, Alaouie claimed that this was even the case at Little Caesars during the 14-hour shifts they worked there.

It's also worth noting that Alaouie isn't the only person to make these sorts of claims. On the job reviewing site Glassdoor, 43 different users asserted that they had experience working at Little Caesars and didn't get breaks whilst doing so. Keep this info in mind if you ever decide to send in a job application.

Working at Little Caesars might be a laid back experience

Some jobs are tough as nails, stress-inducing, prisons whilst other jobs can be pretty chill. And according to one Little Caesars' assistant manager who spoke with Job-Applications, their workplace was more on the relaxing side. In a YouTube video, they exclaim, "It was very laid back. It was a lot of high schoolers that worked there, so you know, it wasn't very strict, and it was in a part of town that wasn't really busy. No one knew really that the store was there, so it wouldn't get busy until like Friday and Saturday."

Furthermore, people across the internet have attested that their Little Caesars' work environment is not super intense. A supposed current employee praised the good vibes at their store on Glassdoor, and another account did the same thing on Indeed. These opinions demonstrate that working at a popular pizzeria doesn't have to be the most intense occupation in the world.

Some workers at Little Caesars have stolen customer's food

Have you ever ordered some Little Caesars in to discover that an item of yours was missing? Whelp, if this has happened to you, then there's a chance that it was stolen by the delivery driver. As someone called G.H claimed on their blog Confessions of a Part Time Waitress, this was an activity that they sometimes partook in when they worked at Little Caesars. 

In G.H's post, they said that they'd intermittently snack on one of their customer's breadsticks during the drive over to their place. This blogger asserted that they did this because there were eight of these snacks in a bag, and they believed it was unlikely that their purchaser would notice what had happened. G.H claimed that they were never caught.

It's also rather likely that more than one Little Caesars pizza person has stolen a bit of a feed on the job. As US Foods reported in a survey of theirs, 28% of delivery drivers that they questioned admitted to taking their customer's food. So, if you ever end up working for Little Caesars in this capacity, it would be rad if you could be a decent person instead of a crook.

Working hours at Little Caesars are pretty flexible

If you're a busy student, a hardworking parent, or a loose party unit, then you might want a job that can accommodate your chockablocked lifestyle. And according to Tolbert at All Things Madison, if your such a person Little Caesars might provide the flexibility that you need. This is because this chain gave her find the hours which would result in her having a good work, life, study balance. Tolbert additionally stated that minors couldn't work there past 9:00 PM on days that school's on.

Multiple users on Glassdoor expressed the same sentiment as well. In fact, over 100 different accounts have claimed that this joint gave them flexible hours. This contingent of reviewers stated that this pro's a noteworthy part about working at Little Caesars. Indeed also mention that the flexible hours was a good part about being hired by this chain.

You might get free pizzas working at Little Caesars

Is there anything better than a free feed? You know, besides winning the lottery the same day that world peace is declared. For some, nomming up a complimentary meal makes the food taste better, the day feels brighter, and their mood a heck of a lot happier.

Now, if you agree with the sentiment that a zero-dollar dish is a better dish, then you might like working at Little Caesars. This is because a lot of individuals asserted on Glassdoor that receiving free pizzas is a pro of working this job. Moreover, multiple accounts on Indeed also claimed that they were given complimentary pies whilst being employed there.

However, just because some people have posited that their Little Caesars provided them free pizza when working their shifts, there's a chance that not every store offers this perk. Unfortunately, $0.00 pies are not always an assured thing. Just keep this in mind before sending in your resume.

Little Caesars pizzas get thrown away after 30 minutes

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, room temperature food can be left for two hours and food that's above 90 degrees can be left out for one hour. However, despite this being the case, Alaouie stated in a TikTok that Little Caesars throws out their pizzas 30 minutes after they've been made. This is allegedly because Little Caesars classifies them to be "expired," even though they are still technically safe to eat.

Moreover, other internet folks have made the same assertion. In an AMA on Reddit, one Little Caesars worker said that its company policy to throw out pizzas that are older than half an hour and the longest he saw a pizza out was maybe around 60 minutes. The fact that some stores waste their food is highly disappointing and may put off some people from working there.

However, not every Little Caesars partakes in such shoddy practices. As reported by the Grand Forks Herald, a restaurant located in Fargo donates the pies that have been out for 30 minutes to three different homeless shelters. They do this by freezing their leftovers.

Little Caesars may need you to wear multiple job hats

Working at Little Caesars is no day at an Italian countryside picnic. This is because you may have to learn how to be flexible and have a number of different responsibilities working here. As a crew member told Job-Applications in a YouTube video, "Wherever the manager needs you, he will put you on, like prepping the pizzas or if he has somebody work the cash register. Or if somebody's about to get off, you take their job."

Several other people have also expressed similar beliefs online. Tolbert on All Things Madison stated throughout her article that successfully multitasking is a key to succeeding in a Little Caesars role. An account on Glassdoor and one on Indeed additionally claimed that they had to balance a bunch of different job tasks when they used to work there. Therefore, if a Little Caesars candidate wants to focus on doing just one task, then this place probably isn't the right job for them.