How People Really Feel About Brach's Turkey Dinner Candy Corn

Candy corn is a controversial treat. Whether it is a seasonal classic or a candy abomination is hotly debated every fall, and Brach's made the debate even more complicated last year with the release of its Turkey Dinner candy corn. Bags of this holiday-themed candy corn are returning this year, complete with six different flavors, each of which is inspired by a classic Thanksgiving dish. According to Taste of Home, Turkey Dinner candy corn, which can be purchased at Walgreens, features individual pieces of cranberry, green bean, stuffing, roast turkey, apple pie, and coffee-flavored candy corn. Because of the wide variety of flavors in the bag, it is advised that each piece is eaten one by one, rather than by the handful.

As you can imagine, the internet has strong opinions on this interesting candy corn medley. One Reddit user was so disgusted they couldn't resist making a post about the unorthodox candy, calling it an "act of culinary terrorism." Quite a few other social media users were equally grossed out by the idea of combining the flavors of turkey dinner with candy corn. "The one that tastes like turkey is an affront to whatever deity you may believe in," u/King_of_the_Goats replied, while u/snarpy posted: "Oh look, it's sadness, in bag form." "Candy Corn dethrones Candy Corn as worst Halloween candy," another user joked.

But not all the flavors were bad

However, not everyone agreed the bag was all bad. Some bold eaters who had tried the candy agreed there were at least a few flavors that had some merit. "The apple pie one was surprisingly good. I'd eat just those if they were sold separately," wrote u/LongSyllabus (via Reddit). "I tried these the other day. Some of them like the coffee ones were pretty good. Others made me want to die," u/Arewand463 agreed. A few people expressed an interest in trying it simply for the novelty, like u/wiglwagl, who posted optimistically: "I would absolutely love to try that. It is most surely a fun, novel, one-time thing. But if it really is amazing and takes the world by storm, then I want to be part of the revolution of flavor."

Others didn't like the candy corn but still wanted to purchase the product with more devious uses in mind. "I want a bag of this, but only so I can slip them into bowls of candy corn. Like hiding yellow and orange skittles in a bowl of Reese's," u/raven00x posted. So if you're an adventurous eater who likes to sample unusual candies, you might find something in this bag of Thanksgiving candy corn to love. Or even if you don't, you might find a few fun ways to prank your candy-corn-hating friends and family at Thanksgiving dinner this year with this unique seasonal treat.