If You Ever Wanted To Drink Mustard-Flavored Wine, Now's Your Chance

Since the 1980s, Grey Poupon has been the "sophisticated" mustard brand that has us rolling down our window and politely inquiring, "Pardon me, would you happen to have any Grey Poupon?" The marketing was so woven into our culture, in fact, that it even made a cameo in everyone's favorite SNL skit turned movie, "Wayne's World." Grey Poupon was touted as one of the "finer" things that was also affordable in the now iconic ad, which featured two Rolls-Royce and two well-to-do gentlemen passing a jar of the mustard between their luxury vehicles. In fact, this mustard is still beloved today, coming in second on a Mashed's poll on the best brand of mustard. Well, now the Kraft Heinz Company, makers of this favorite mustard, are using their cachet to launch a wine inspired by this sandwich staple. 

Per Business Wire, Grey Poupon recently announced a limited-edition white wine called La Moutarde Vin — but you might have to wait in line to try it. If you visit the Grey Poupon site, the wine is described as a "white wine infused with Grey Poupon mustard seeds to celebrate the white wine used in our iconic Dijon recipe." And that celebration carries over to the bottle's label, which resembles that of this classic jar of mustard. 

Here's what you should pair the Grey Poupon wine with

Grey Poupon's announcement describes La Moutarde Vin as a "full-bodied Viognier 2020 [with] bright hints of spice and pronounced citrus and floral characteristics, balanced by vibrant acidity." The brand recommends serving it chilled alongside a "croque monsieur" which, according to the food blog Tastes Better from Scratch, is a hot sandwich made with French ham, cheese, a béchamel sauce, and toasted to perfection. But if you do not want to make a sandwich, they also suggest drinking this wine with a charcuterie board that has a bit of — you guessed it — Grey Poupon.

What was the impetus for this creation? Danielle Coopersmith, brand manager for Sandwich Enhancers at Grey Poupon's parent compnay, Kraft Heinz, said, "We've watched as leisurely lunches have been replaced by food delivery apps and deskside speed snacking." Coopersmith added, "[W]e want lunch to feel worthy of savoring again. That's why we crafted the concept of a limited-edition white wine that's perfect for those who want to take back lunch and make every meal an opportunity to treat yourself."

This mustard wine was selling for $30 a pop, but sadly, if you haven't snagged a bottle yet, you will have to wait indefinitely. Grey Poupon shared on their Instagram that they are sold out and, even amid pleas for more, they have no plans to restock.