How The Internet Really Feels About Kim Kardashian's Cut Costco SNL Skit

Audiences had mixed feelings when they heard that Kim Kardashian would be the host of the long-running series "SNL." But she appeared to prove her naysayers wrong right at the beginning of the show with her opening monologue, which had viewers laughing immediately. It was clear from the start that the entrepreneur wasn't afraid to make fun of herself or others. Kardashian's skit mocking her sister's current romance with Travis Barker was also a big hit, as was her parody of "The Bachelorette" that featured eligible bachelors like "Gossip's Girl" actor Chace Crawford and NBA superstar Blake Griffin.

However, one "SNL" segment failed to get featured during the show and viewers seem to have conflicting thoughts about it. The clip that's now on YouTube, stars Kardashian and a musical group called Glitter Revolution that's pitching a Costco executive on why they should be hired to help get more teens into its stores. The band belts out songs about buying items in bulk and Costco's infamous food court offerings. They croon out lyrics like, "Hey boy are you hungry? Hey boy chicken caesar. Hey boy I got a dollar fifty, cause you can get me a hotdog."

What audiences are saying about the unaired Costco segment

Kim Kardashian can be a polarizing figure and it appears her sketch comedy has had the same impact on viewers. Those that watched the Costco clip on YouTube seemed to generally enjoy the segment, writing comments like, "Just when I thought Costco couldn't get any cooler, Glitter Revolution drops these jams." Even a commenter that wasn't sure if the reality star would be up to the challenge of hosting the show, had to give the Kardashian props. They wrote, "I'm shook that Kim sang so smoothly lol. And the lil hip at the end of each jingle had me rolling. She did WAYYY better than I thought and I'm here for it."

But let's be honest, it wouldn't truly be the internet if there wasn't some negative feedback as well. Over on Reddit one viewer wrote, "That was the kind of sketch that reminds me why I don't watch SNL." While another seemed to agree, writing that they thought the segment was "Painfully bad." A different Redditor tried to stay neutral and reminded everyone that sketch comedy is always better in person and that they thought it was entertaining for what it was. Whether you loved or hated it, it certainly appears to be giving Costco and Kardashian a lot of publicity — not that either of them really needs it.