The Chocolaty Treat Burger King Only Sells In 2 Countries

While some fast food chains and coffee shops can make "secret menu" items based on the ingredients they offer at store locations in America, there are some items that remain exclusive to other countries around the world. From Starbucks Frappuccinos only available in specific countries to Auntie Anne's pretzel flavors specific to different locations, visiting a chain in another country can be well worth the stop. But fans, specifically of Burger King, will only find a chocolaty dessert the chain offers in two European countries.

Apparently, the fast food eatery actually sells Belgian waffles in select locations. It was even offered in Singapore back in 2017 (via Facebook). However, the dessert is no longer available there. Even so, there are slight differences between the dessert in each of its locations. For example, in Singapore, the photo posted on Facebook shows the Belgian waffle topped with whipped cream and a drizzle of chocolate syrup over the whole dessert.

These two European countries offer Burger King's Belgian waffle

The light and fluffy dessert can still be found in both Switzerland and Hungary according to each country's Burger King menus. Those who happen to stop in the burger chain while in Switzerland, will find the delicious dessert topped with nothing but chocolate syrup. The Swiss version does not feature any whipped cream at all. But in a country known for its chocolate, that might not be a detractor for many.

In Hungary, the Belgian waffle dessert takes another form yet again. There it is served with a drizzle of chocolate syrup over the Belgian waffle and whipped cream is available on the side. It might be the best of both Singapore's former option and Switzerland's current dessert, since customers can then have the option to take or leave the whipped cream. But wherever you try the dessert, rest assured you will get a delicious dose of chocolate with the Belgian waffle.