This Dinner Table Cat Pic Has Reddit Laughing

So objectively, cat videos on the internet are pretty darn funny. For example, did you know cats are afraid of cucumbers? There are dozens of compilation videos featuring mild mannered cats jumping feet in the air to avoid a cuke (posted on YouTube). And Grumpy Cat, whose face was plastered all over internet memes for her famous frown, developed such a cult following that she now has his own website and merch to match. Plus Duff Goldman immortalized her in cake form.

And as this Bored Panda round-up proves, cats can not only be hilarious in their own right, but manage to be pretty adorable to boot. Just look at these little cuties trying to fit into spaces they may or may not be able to. Even Martha Stewart's cat is into it. And now the cats have taken to Reddit, or at least their owners have. An enigma of a photo has Redditers bemused and curious.

Cat or chair?

While this Reddit cat may not have done anything as inventive as twisting himself up to fit inside a teapot like some of the others, or frown on command, it did manage to baffle some. A user called @Spacexcake posted a picture of their cat sitting on a chair at their dining room table staring at a pizza. The confusing part about it is that the cat actually looks 2D, which they point out in their caption. They also have a caption within the picture that asks, "Why does Rodney look embroidered into the chair?"

Followers were similarly amused, including one named @DoJax who joked, "It focused so hard on not being seen by the food it was hunting that it blended into the background." Another user named @Thanks_Obama, however, cleverly pointed out that it likely has to do with the lack of shadows behind him. Either way, we hope Rodney returns to his 3D self soon!