Takis' Crispy New Product Looks Incredibly Familiar

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Snacking options can be fascinating, especially if you can get your hands on a packet of chips, a perfectly satisfying snack that can be a good munching option on a lazy weekend. One of the offerings in this segment? Takis are available in different flavors such as Crunchy Fajita, Nitro, Guacamole, Blue Heat, and Fuego. Per the manufacturer, this snack is not for the faint-hearted. They're supposed to be full of bold and intense flavors. "Takis Chips are only for the strong. The brave. The daring. So open a bag today and Face the Intensity," a description reads (via Barcel USA).

According to PR Newswire, consumers can try several Takis products like Takis Stix, Takis Waves, Takis Hot Nuts, and more. Takis Crisps are the latest introduction to the brand's portfolio. The potato crisps are sold in "portable containers" and are currently available in two sizes: 2-ounce and 5.5-ounce. The former is priced at $1.19 while the latter costs $1.69. They're also similar to a product that's already fairly popular in the market.

Many think they resemble Pringles

Per PR Newswire, the company wanted to innovate with its latest product and offer something special to fans. "With Takis Crisps, consumers can savor the bold and intense Takis flavors they love with the snack's resealable can, allowing them to munch whenever and wherever they want," Sandra Peregrina, Marketing Director of Salty Snacks, Barcel USA, said.

However, several people have pointed out that Takis Crisps look a lot like... Pringles. An Instagram user pointed out the similarity in a response to a post from the official Takis account. "So basically hot Pringles," they wrote. The brand responded to another Instagram user who said that they look like Pringles. Its comment simply read that one needs to taste the crisps, implying that the product is different from Pringles. Another fan wrote that they enjoyed eating the crisps. They had a minor complaint and said that the crisps did smell a little like "stale corn oil." They added that they're a "forever Takis fan."