Nearly 29% Want This Discontinued Wendy's Item To Make A Comeback

There are a few things we can count on in the ever-changing fast food world. For one, the food does tend to be available pretty quickly (provided you're not waiting too long at the drive-thru). It is also, if not as cheap as it used to be, considerably less pricey than a sit-down meal. And finally, almost everything you can order off a fast-food menu is going to give a nutritionist fits. The one thing you cannot count on, however, is for the menu to remain the same. Sure, there are signature items that will remain around as long as the chain itself, such as McDonald's Big Mac, Burger King's Whopper, and Wendy's ... Umm, what is Wendy's signature item, anyway?

Which brings us, in a roundabout way, to the point here, that being Wendy's propensity for tinkering with the menu. While it's always exciting to see new Wendy's items, the downside is that our old favorites could very well disappear overnight. Which now-discontinued Wendy's menu items are the ones we miss the most? Mashed polled 599 people, and found that the number one item most people missed was ... something we're not going to reveal until we count down in order, starting with the least-missed and working our way to the top.

The pretzel bacon cheeseburger is still very much missed

Do you remember the Frescata sandwich? While the name makes it sound like something made with discount-store soda, it was really a type of deli sandwich meant to compete with Subway's offerings. This unpopular Wendy's item came and went quickly in the mid-00s, but over 8% of poll respondents would still like to see it make a comeback. 2004's Wild Mountain Chicken Sandwich (via YouTube) was discontinued too soon –- spicy chicken + cheese + bacon? It could have been a winner in the Chicken Sandwich Wars, or at least, that's what nearly 12% of our pollees think. 13% would prefer to see the return of the chicken Caesar pita, while nearly 19% voted for the coffee toffee twisted Frosty. (Try saying that name 3 times fast!) Just over 19% are still missing the Gouda bacon cheeseburger, as well they might.

The top vote getter, though, the one that won the hearts of nearly 29% of our audience, came as no surprise. Who wouldn't want to see Wendy's bring back their pretzel bacon cheeseburger? While their current menu features bourbon-sauced bacon cheeseburgers, bacon cheeseburgers on cheese-flavored buns, and bacon-and-cheese-topped chicken sandwiches, the one thing they do not have is pretzel buns, and we absolutely agree with the 29% of our poll respondents who think that's a darn shame.