Starbucks Employees Were Glad To See These Drinks Leave The Menu

Starbucks has plenty of iconic drinks, but that doesn't mean baristas enjoy making all of them. There are menu items that Starbucks baristas hate making, and ordering a so-called Medicine Ball is a red flag for baristas, who would probably prefer you stay at home if you're feeling sick. Since Starbucks' menu often changes, it's no surprise that there are some drinks and other menu items that employees are glad they don't have to make anymore.

On the Starbucks subreddit, one user asked baristas what items they're glad that the company discontinued. The person who wrote this Reddit post said that they were happy to see the chorizo sandwich go, explaining that "the whole store smelled like a fresh burp every time one was in the oven." The poster detested Cloud Macchiatos as well, complaining that "people kept confusing the cloud and vanilla bean powder and handing out nasty Frappuccinos that had to be remade."

One commenter responded and said that there was a "cinnamon shortbread sauce/syrup" that was incredibly hard to pump. That comment received more than 150 upvotes. A Reddit user said it took three people to make four venti Brown Sugar Shortbread lattes with 12 pumps of flavor each. But based on the votes, there's at least one drink that many baristas absolutely despised more than the rest.

Starbucks employees hated making Unicorn Frappuccinos

The top comment on the Reddit post had more than 250 upvotes, and the dreaded drink might not surprise people. Frappuccinos are clearly one of the more involved drinks you can order at Starbucks, and there's a reason that baristas hate limited-edition Frappuccinos. There are high expectations along with how time-consuming they are to make. From Starbucks' website, the Unicorn Frappuccino is crème-flavored and made with mango syrup, then topped with whipped cream and sour powder.

One Starbucks employee wrote about their experience with the Unicorn Frappuccino, saying that supplies to make the drink only lasted around six hours. The drive-thru was so long that it blocked traffic, and people were even in tears after the beverage was gone. However, this employee said it was also the day they met their fiance, so there is a happy ending for them. But on the whole, baristas seemingly agreed that this Frappuccino was awful, with one person saying, "Don't give me nightmares."

Though it might be discontinued (and it seems like it's very much for the best!), if you insist on finding out what the Unicorn Frappuccino tastes like, you can make one yourself with our copycat Unicorn Frappuccino recipe. Or give Starbucks employees a break and whip up one of these delicious Frappuccinos in your own kitchen, which will also likely save you some money in the long run.