Ted Allen's Latest Advice To Chopped Contestants Has Nothing To Do With Food

Ted Allen, the host of Food Network's food competition television series "Chopped," is always serving up spoonfuls of hearty advice. When it comes to designing the perfect kitchen, Allen told Food & Wine, "In my opinion, lots of people choose the wrong sink. For starters, I don't like porcelain sinks; they're brittle and if you drop a wine glass in one of them, it's very likely to break. I prefer stainless steel — the workhorse material of every restaurant kitchen." Allen also is not fond of small sinks. It's either go big or go home when it comes to this aspect of your kitchen. 

Allen has also shared his thoughts on making bacon. The celebrity chef took to Twitter to share that his cooking method for this beloved pork utilizes the oven by baking the bacon in 2-pound batches. Additionally, Allen shared with the Twitterverse his adverse feelings for the microwave when it comes to reheating food, and instead recommends using the oven because, "gentle oven heat — 250-350 — is my favorite for almost all leftovers, especially delicate things such as pasta or pizza." Well, now Allen is using his Twitter voice to share some sage wisdom with future contestants of the show "Chopped," and this advice has nothing to do with food.

Think before you speak

Ted Allen recently took to Twitter to share a hilarious photo of Maneet Chauhan holding what appears to be a roasted cow's head, teeth and all. Along with this photo, Allen decided to share some thoughtful counsel with future "Chopped" contestant wannabes. "Speaking of #Chopped: Note to chefs who are competing in upcoming episodes: When I ask what you would do with the prize $$$, please say something fun. Such as: 'I'm getting a tattoo and a Harley, and I'm going to Vegas.' Thanks," Allen wrote.

One follower asked, "Why do most contestants have the vibe of 'the real payment will be my family finally taking me seriously because apparently, their love is conditional, and I'm a disappointment, but they'll be happy if I have money to spend on them'?" And Allen explained, "Because a lot of parents don't want their kids to become chefs. We hear it practically every episode. Lousy pay, lousy hours, just for starters." While one follower admitted he would use the money for family, they went on to say their answer would be to purchase Lego sets. A third responded with, "I'm gonna get 10k in singles and go to the top of a tall building and let it just flutter out over the city and enjoy the chaos that brings! Would that be an acceptable answer?" To which Allen answered, "Perhaps the best answer yet."

So, the next time you audition to be on "Chopped" think about that answer!