Paris Hilton's 2 Favorite Ways To Use Strawberries

A juicy strawberry ripened to perfection brings the perfect amount of sweetness and tang when eaten by itself. When incorporated into a larger recipe, however, its flavor can be an impactful note that complements your meal. Paris Hilton is apparently a strawberry aficionado and recently discussed her two favorite ways to use the berry in a recipe.

Paris Hilton wasn't always the first person we would think of when considering all things culinary, but ever since a video she posted of her cooking lasagna went viral, her playful take on recipes have been garnering more and more attention (via Delish). With the debut of her new show "Cooking with Paris" on Netflix, where she invites us into her kitchen while she cooks with her celebrity sous chefs, she has become a part of the culinary world in a very fun way that Eater referred to as "absurd."

One thing's for sure: With her classic charm and sense of humor, Paris Hilton is very entertaining to watch in the kitchen. While it might seem random, it totally makes sense that Hilton has opinions about strawberries.

Paris Hilton's strawberry favorites are hot

Paris Hilton revealed her favorite ways to use strawberries during a deep dive into different types of berries with Brad Leone in a Bon Appétit YouTube video. After sampling a few different types of berries, the classic strawberry came up.  When she unwrapped the package, Paris seemed excited to eat them. "These are the OGs," she said. Unfortunately, the particular batch of strawberries they sampled seemed disappointing, and they both agreed they could have been better.

After tasting the strawberries and a bit of playful joking that Hilton's berry looked like a cute butt, Brad asked if she had any go-to baking recipes that used the berries.

The answer? Paris loves to make a strawberry shortcake. She also loves to make French toast with strawberries and bananas sautéed on top. Both of these sound totally delicious, and we would love to see how Hilton adds her own twist to the dishes if she ever makes them on the show.