TikTok Is Loving This Adorable Ice Trick

TikTok may be the place where viral food trends come and go — pancake cereal and ice cream bread, anyone? — but the platform is also home to a lot of spectacular pet videos. It's particularly full of cute clips of dogs, which are the internet's favorite animal, according to The Outline. Social media users especially seem to love TikToks of pets enjoying the great gift of grub, with "dog food influencing" emerging as a new and popular niche of online content, says Delish. A recent video by @torquebutt certainly shows a unique version of this, and TikTok can't get enough.

In a post titled, "I need ice please," an American Bully dog named Torque appears to open a low freezer door of his owner's fridge with his nose. His snout then nudges open a separate drawer holding the ice. Torque patiently waits to be fed a piece, air-chomping a bit each time his owner grabs ice and drops it into their human drink. The video ends with Torque finally getting an icy snack and happily chomping on it.

Fans love the video, and the dog

The TikTok has received nearly 900,000 likes and more than 4,000 comments, including gushing tidbits reading, "sooo cute...and he knew exactly where it was," "that's so freaking awesome," and "omg..the little bites when he thinks he's getting a piece of ice." Several commenters remarked that their dogs, especially Pit Bulls (which are related to the American Bully, per Breeding Business), also love ice — or "water cookies," as one fan referred to them. A few fans questioned whether or not Torque actually opened the freezer drawer, only to have @torquebutt reply, "I did."

Ice cubes may not be as refined of a treat as barkuterie boards, pet ice cream, or doggie treats from fast food chains, but Torque certainly considers it a delicacy. The pooch's TikTok bio even says, "My name is torque and I love ice." Clearly, fans love watching Torque eat ice, as the account, which mostly posts videos of Torque stationed by the freezer looking for an icy treat, has more than 120,000 followers and 2 million likes. Not bad for a breed that doesn't even make the top 20 most popular dog breeds for TikTok videos (via Dog Magazine).