What Makes This Costco Delivery So Unbelievable

Calling all vampires! As if it weren't enough that Halloween night is almost here, we just stumbled upon a post on a Reddit page devoted to all things Costco, which suggests that the chain — or at least their delivery people — might be actual creatures of the night. 

On Monday, October 26, Reddit user @01JamesJames01 posted what appears to be a screenshot showing a delivery confirmation from the store — except it seems almost too unbelievable to be true. The original poster recently purchased a large item Sony TV from the warehouse chain and opted for Costco's home delivery service. But if you look at the time window they confirm to swing by his house with the goods, you can understand why his caption asks, "Costco delivery is trolling me right?"

Costco's delivery time for one shopper seemed a bit extreme

Anyone who's ever had a home delivery service knows there is always some flexibility needed — hence the wide-ranging time windows that are often given — but one Redditor's experience with Costco's home delivery seems to push it to extremes. Sharing a screenshot of his delivery confirmation on the forum, it appears the warehouse store gave him a time window of 12 am to 3 am — that's right, in the wee hours of the morning!

Many other Reddit users tried to rationalize this bizarre timing. "Maybe that's a different time zone?" one person suggested. "Probably in UTC ... or some other standardized time zone," another offered. Still, others said they'd be happy waiting up til midnight for their deliveries rather than being delayed during normal business hours. For the record, however, the original poster chalked it up to a "system error," as they updated in the thread several hours later, while adding, "I just found it amusing. Also trolled my wife with it asking her to stay up ... she almost got on the phone with Costco to complain. Got a good laugh out of the whole thing."

Though as ridiculous as this experience might seem, since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, many supply chains have been struggling to keep up with demand in the midst of unanticipated lockdowns, employee absenteeism, and other factors. When shopping for anything these days, it can feel like a win merely to locate whatever item you're shopping for, let alone to learn the item is in stock. Now, if only you could schedule a delivery window that works for you, especially if you want to be present when your haul arrives, that's a huge feat. In the meantime, laughing it off and being patient is the next best option.