12 Bota Box Wines, Ranked Worst To Best

Back in the day, boxed wine was known for having a notoriously bad taste. It was something to be avoided in most cases, and so glass bottles were much preferred by the discerning wine enthusiast. However, these days, the tide has turned. More and more people are realizing that there are actually some quality boxed wines out there. And not only are they often cheaper than many alternatives, but they also stay good for longer. That's perfect for people who live alone or who don't tend to drink too regularly. And of course, turning up to a party with a box of wine is probably going to win you automatic popularity points.

While there are several great boxed wine brands out there, one of our favorites is Bota Box. This brand offers a slew of different types of wine and tends to be pretty widely available. Are they making the most interesting, revolutionary wine out there? Well, no, not exactly. But are they making quality standard wines that just about everyone will enjoy sipping? Absolutely yes.

That's why we've decided to take a closer look at the brand and rank their wines from worst to best. We started out with our least favorites and worked our way to the ones we think are best of the Bota Box brand. But while you can use our ranking as a guide, know that you should definitely try them out for yourself.

12. Moscato

You're probably not surprised to see that moscato is our least favorite Bota Box wine. That has less to do with Bota Box, though, and more to do with the fact that many people just don't like moscato wine. If you're the type of drinker who loves ultra-sweet wines or tends not to like wine at all, then the moscato is a solid choice. However, for the rest of us who love wine, most moscatos miss the mark, and this one is no exception. The super fruity flavor is nice for a single sip, but after that, the cloying sweetness will make you want to set your glass down and walk away.

For those who can stand to stomach more than a single sip, you'll notice notes of honeysuckle, melon, and stone fruit. This leads to a lovely bouquet that is unfortunately not totally reflected in the actual taste. Overall, we would probably just leave this one alone. But if you want to try it, we suggest pairing the moscato with super spicy food for some balance. You could also enjoy it with dessert if you're looking for a very sweet ending to a savory meal.

However, with so many other quality wines from Bota Box available to you, we definitely wouldn't encourage you to settle for the moscato.

11. Pinot Grigio

Pinot grigio is usually one of those wines that everyone can get on board with. It has a relatively light, refreshing taste that isn't overwhelming to most wine drinkers. Even if it's not your favorite, you probably wouldn't mind having a glass of pinot grigio in front of you right now. But we're disappointed to inform you that the pinot grigio from Bota Box definitely isn't our favorite of the bunch.

Why? Well, basically, this wine is just super boring. While it boasts notes of pineapple, citrus, and peach, we could taste barely any of those flavors. We definitely picked up on the floral notes, but those weren't too intense either. This wine is definitely lacking in character, so we probably wouldn't pick it up again.

Like the moscato, this wine might be up your alley if you're not a regular wine drinker or you don't generally like the taste of wine — it's not a bad introduction point, all told. Otherwise, though, there are better Bota Box wines out there waiting for you. If you're ready to move on to something a bit more complicated, don't waste your time on the pinot grigio from Bota Box.

10. Pinot Noir

Out of all the wines on Bota Box's website, the brand's pinot noir got some of the worst ratings from buyers. It received just 3.6 out of 5 stars at the time of writing, which means it's definitely not a favorite for most. Why? Well, we think it has a lot to do with the fact that this wine is very, very sweet. While pinot noir generally isn't as dry as some of its red wine cousins, it's still considered to be a dry wine overall. That's why we were surprised when we took a sip and realized that it was actually quite sugary. It's not what we're looking for in any red wine, and definitely not in a pinot noir.

One reviewer on the company's website got pretty scathing: "I bought this after a recommendation from a friend. I guess [I] learned my friend has terrible taste. It taste[s] like a past sell by date juice box! So sweet and just unpleasant to drink. I had a small taste then tried it a day later to see if I was mistaken. Nope!! It's awful!!"

However, not all took such a negative stance. Another reviewer wrote: "I am really happy with this wine, not sure what the negative reviews are about. I am not a wine snob but I think I have decent tastebuds, and my friends and I recently enjoyed this Pinot. No complaints! Pleasantly tart and fruity, not too sweet. Would buy again."

9. Riesling

Here's another entry from Bota Box for all of those who love a glass of especially sweet wine. And you can be sure that Bota Box's Riesling is actually quite good ... for a riesling, anyway. We're admittedly not huge fans of this ultra-sweet variety of wine, but if it is your thing, then there's a good chance that you're going to like Bota Box's take on it. 

Take a sip of this stuff, and you may notice notes of honey, nectarine, and melon along with a slight floral aroma. All of that lends itself to a medium-bodied wine that's still got a relatively high sugar content. Because of that, we think that this Riesling pairs especially well with spicy foods, as the two different types of flavors compliment each other pretty well.

That being said, if you prefer your wine on the dry side, then this sugary Riesling is probably not for you. Basically, it all comes down to this: If you're a Riesling person, give it a try. If you aren't, then the simple truth is that you're probably not going to like this one, either.

8. Redvolution

There are a lot of red blends out there that are absolutely delicious. But there might be even more that are just average, and a few that are downright nasty. Unfortunately, Bota Box's Redvolution falls into the middle category, though it remains far from swill. 

Take a sip of the Redvolution blend and you'll pick up on a spicy, juicy berry profile. Flavors like black fruit, nutmeg, and cherries come across clearly. The aftertaste is almost cocoa-like, which definitely makes this an interesting pairing for dessert and perhaps enjoyed in front of a cozy fireplace. And if you want to chill it, this wine can also pair with fish relatively well. Who said that you could only drink white wine with seafood? Definitely not us.

But is it anything special? Not really. Redvolution is at least super versatile, meaning that there's really not a bad time for it. That being said, there's never really an excellent time for it either. If you're looking for a generic red wine that nobody will find to be too offensive, then this may just work out for you. But if you actually want an interesting, tasty wine, there are better options available from Bota Box.

7. Old Vine Zinfandel

For those who want a super flavorful red, look no further than Bota Box's Old Vine Zinfandel. This one is pretty bold, so if you're not already a fan of reds, it may be a little too intense for your tastes. However, if you like round, intense reds, then this wine is right up your alley. Black cherry, black pepper, and plum are some of the dominant notes you might notice when you first take a sip. It's also got a slightly toasted finish to it, which adds a level of complexity we didn't expect from a glass of boxed wine.

Because of these intense flavors, we think that this zinfandel is at its best when paired with rich, meaty dishes. If you're grilling something, this wine will do just the trick. But you could even keep things more casual and pair it with burgers or sausages instead. It's all up to you.

We actually really like this wine, and we would have rated it higher if it weren't for the fact that it doesn't have a whole lot of mass appeal. But if you're looking for something that's a little out of the ordinary and a little more interesting than the other boxed wines you've had in your life, then the Old Vine Zinfandel from Bota Box is definitely something you should check out.

6. Chardonnay

For white wine lovers, Chardonnay is often at the top of the list. As one of the traditional white wine varieties with the some of highest alcohol contents, Chardonnay offers something different compared to your standard pinot grigio or Sauvignon blanc. 

And as far as we're concerned, Bota Box's Chardonnay is a success. It's bright and lively, but it still boasts some boldness and complexity to keep things interesting, with a citrusy profile that comes with a hint of melon and lemon. You might also taste some apple in there as well. Those sweet, fruity flavors are well balanced by notes of graham cracker, which adds something intriguing to the mix. Just keep in mind that this is an oaked Chardonnay, which means that it's not the ideal white wine for cooking applications. But that's just an excuse to take a few extra sips.

The thing we love best about this wine is the fact that it pairs perfectly with so many foods. Are you dining on a lighter chicken dish? Bota Box Chardonnay is going to be there for you. Opting for a seafood meal instead? Ditto. And even if you're just enjoying a salad, you'll find that this Chardonnay will still get the job done. While it's not the absolute most delicious wine on the Bota Box lineup, we can't help loving a white that's as versatile as this one.

5. Cabernet Sauvignon

Looking for a basic dry red wine that everyone at the party is going to love? Then you're in luck with Bota Box's Cabernet Sauvignon. This is a surprisingly delicious wine, and it's something we would keep stocked for a party or just an average after-work drink. While this is indeed a drier wine, it still has some fruitiness to balance that out courtesy of the cherry, blackberry, and black currant notes. Those juicy flavors are further complemented by notes of black pepper, which add a surprisingly spicy touch to this wine. If your mouth is watering already, you're not alone.

If you're making a rich Italian meal with red or marinara sauce for dinner, then this Cab is definitely something you should have on hand. And it seems like reviewers on Bota Box's website agree with us. One drinker said, "I'm from Napa Valley and a picky red wine drinker and I'm so impressed with this wine. The flavor and the price point can't be beat. This is all I get now."

That certainly sounds like a vote of confidence to us. Why not give it a try yourself?

4. Merlot

Merlot is by far one of the most popular wine varietals out there, regardless of brand. This dry wine is available pretty much in every and any store, and it has a dry, distinctive taste that most red wine drinkers tend to love. And if you try Bota Box's Merlot, we don't think you're going to be disappointed. With notes of cherry and blackberry and a hint of herbal taste, this particular entry in the merlot canon packs in plenty of flavor for a juicy and concentrated finish. It has rather mild tannins, too, so it shouldn't be overwhelming to many drinkers. And it seems like reviewers on Bota Box's website agree with us. In fact, one reviewer referred to it as "poor man's Premier Cru."

Like the Cab, this wine is going to pair exceptionally well with Italian dishes made with red sauce. And just like any merlot, it's ideal for pairing with rich, hearty meats like beef or lamb. Even though it comes in a box, it still feels just a little bit fancy, especially when poured into a nice wine glass.

3. Shiraz

Shiraz may not be the most well-known of all the more common wines out there, but you'll find it more and more on grocery store wine aisles. Chances are really good that you won't have to go to a specialty shop for it. And that's certainly the case when you can pick up a box of shiraz from Bota Box. When you first take a sip, you'll first notice the fruit-forward flavors of the wine. You may pick up notes of blackberries or cherries, too. Stick around a little longer, though, and you may be able to detect more savory flavors, like the hint of black pepper that finishes it off. There's a distinctive oakiness to this wine as well.

While we think that this is an excellent wine for the colder months of the year, one reviewer on Bota Box's website has a different idea. They said, "This Shiraz is great for summer. The wine is easily mixed with fruit, or simply chilled/ mixed with bubbles for a spritzer!" We love that suggestion! You may even want to enjoy it at your next BBQ or take it along with you when you go for a camping trip.

The moral of the story? No matter what time of year you drink this wine, it's going to be delicious. Give it a try, and who knows? It may just become one of your new favorites.

2. Sauvignon Blanc

We know that not everyone loves white wine, but if you want to like it and just haven't found the right variety yet, do we have a treat for you. It's Bota Box's sauvignon blanc, and we actually think it's one of the brand's best wines. This one is super refreshing, which makes it perfect for sunny summer days — or just fantasizing about them, depending on the season you're in. With touches of citrus, lemongrass, and even a hint of melon, this wine is about as light as can be. It has some minerality to it as well, which makes it slightly more interesting than some other white wines.

Because of all those amazing, zingy flavors coming together, we really like to pair this wine with seafood. Raw oysters work really well here if that's your kind of thing. But this one has such a pleasant taste to it that you really don't have to pair it with anything at all. Keep Bota Box's sauvignon blanc stocked in your fridge during the summer months (and beyond), and you'll never be without a delicious, super-sippable wine.

1. Dry Rosé

If you know of Bota Box, there's a good chance that you know of it specifically because of the brand's Dry Rosé. It appeals to wine-curious folks, as the flavor is uncomplicated and easily sippable. But it will also appeal to those who drink wine on the regular. Since it is, in fact, on the drier side, this rosé is not going to turn anyone off by its sweetness. With notes of strawberry, red fruit, and even a hint of grapefruit, it's best served well chilled (and preferably enjoyed on a lounge chair by a relaxing pool or body of water, if one is available to you).

We absolutely love how versatile this wine is when it comes to serving it with food. Because of its light, crisp flavor, it can go well with a variety of dishes. Eating Mexican food? You'll find that it balances really well with the spicy flavors in this and other hot regional cuisines. Having seafood? We absolutely love it with clams, mussels, or other bivalves. It even works well with a charcuterie board or a cheese plate. And you don't even have to limit yourself to enjoying it with food since it tastes amazing on its own as well.

If you're trying Bota Box for the first time and want to choose a wine that you know you'll want to go back to time and time again, the Dry Rosé should very definitely be on your list of must-try wines.