Alton Brown's Sugary Dressing Room Snacks Have Twitter Divided

Alton Brown's North American tour is in full swing. His live food-and-comedy show "Beyond The Eats" is coming soon maybe to a stage near you, per Brown's website. Brown's grueling itinerary has him performing his high-energy show every night and hitting the road every day. He'll be in Virginia one night, Tennessee the next, and Alabama the night after that.

The grind of touring takes its toll on an artist. More than one musical group has called it quits because they couldn't handle the pressure (via The Guardian). We might make fun of artists such as Ye West (formerly Kanye) for requiring a Coke and Hennessy slushy machine in his dressing room, per Business Insider. Beyonce's luster might have dimmed a little because we know she must have a case of Aquafina water, half cold and half at room temperature. (What are they supposed to do, leave half the case hanging out of the refrigerator?) On the other hand, maybe celebrities are so high maintenance while on tour because they need every comfort they can get, just to endure the enormous stress of life on the road.

We may have learned about West and Beyonce's demands from sneaky concert promoters who leaked riders to the gossip media (via The Smoking Gun). Alton Brown, meanwhile, was happy to reveal his dressing room snack stash to his Twitter followers.

Alton Brown had a Halloween candy stash in his dressing room

Alton Brown was in his dressing room October 27, getting ready for his show in Easton, Pennsylvania, when he tweeted a photo of his pre-show snacks accompanied with the hashtag #dressingroomgoodies. The photo looked like an early peek at someone's Halloween haul: pumpkin, ghost, and skull Peeps; Mike and Ikes; Hot Tamales; and an Easton-area favorite, Goldenberg's Peanut Chews.

Brown has made no bones about his penchant for basic comfort foods. He has gone on social media over the past year to confess his love for store-bought grated parmesan (via Instagram) and cereal in milk (via Twitter). But when fans got a look at Brown's dressing room staples, some were disappointed. "Love Hot Tamales! But PEEPS?!!!" @c_teddye tweeted. Twitter user @KilamonKlmal didn't like anything they saw in Brown's dressing room stash. "Nothing there is healthy. Where are the things made without sugar as the primary ingredient?" they said.

Others on Twitter appreciated Alton Brown's idea of live-tour fuel. "Only you would have retro candy," @DianaSproul tweeted. "Very nice!"