The Problem Fans Have With Gordon Ramsay's Duck Recipe

Infamous for his sharp wit and equally sharp tongue, chef Gordon Ramsay usually makes the news for his sarcastic comments. Perfectly comfortable in front of the camera, the "Hell's Kitchen" host's easy on-screen presence and regular servings of sarcasm, wit, and sass have turned him into a celebrity chef like no other.

After all, it wasn't too long ago when he placed two slices of bread on either side of a "Hell's Kitchen" contestant's face and called her an "idiot sandwich," or called out another amateur chef for undercooking fish by saying "This fish is so raw, he's still finding Nemo" (via Foxtel).

Harsh as he may be, Ramsay's fans can't get enough of his comments and flood him with pictures of their own food, asking him to rate the dishes, which Ramsay is only too happy to do (via Spoon University). In recent news though, it seems that the tables have turned and it's Ramsay who's at the brunt of all the roasting. The culprit? A seemingly quick and easy Teriyaki Duck recipe on Ramsay's Instagram account that has Ramsay fans calling it out for appearing raw and undercooked.

Gordon Ramsay's fans can't stop roasting him over undercooked duck

Whilst dishing out regular doses of sarcasm on social media, Ramsay also uses his social media presence to share recipes with his followers. Over the last few years, Ramsay has been sharing recipes on his YouTube account that can be cooked in under 10 minutes. He recently resumed the show to promote his upcoming cookbook "Ramsay in 10," which features 100 ten-minute recipes inspired by his YouTube show.

The latest "Ramsay in 10" recipe happens to be a Teriyaki-glazed Duck Breast. To cook the meat in 10 minutes, Ramsay sears the duck on a hot pan under high heat, then lowers the heat and lets the duck cook for a few minutes before taking it off the stove and letting it rest (via YouTube). However, when Ramsay shared a snippet of the recipe on Instagram, Ramsay's fans couldn't get over how raw and undercooked the duck looked when sliced into and had a fair share of roasting for the chef.

Twisting Ramsay's legendary "This fish is so raw, he's still finding Nemo" comment, one amused fan wrote: "That duck is still quacking you donut!" Another commenter hilariously said, "Throw that meal a piece of bread and it may even quack." Other comments went so far as to suggest that the dish has "Salmonella written all over it" and that it "Looks like a bowl of food poisoning." Yikes!