This Bachelor Star Blames Postmates For His Vasectomy

Anyone who's part of "Bachelor" Nation has probably enjoyed watching former contestant Arie Luyendyk and his wife Lauren share their parenting journey with the world on YouTube. And boy, between their 2-year-old Alessi and newborn twins, they sure have their hands full. 

So it should come as no surprise that the couple has made it clear they're not planning to have any more kids.

Yup. As reported by E! News, Arie Luyendyk announced he's going to ensure his family stays a family of five by undergoing a vasectomy. Speaking with "The Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous Podcast," the former reality show star revealed that he decided he was "definitely" getting the procedure after a trip to Hawaii with his little ones turned out to be more stressful than he anticipated.

While one doesn't have to be a parent to figure that traveling with three kids under age 3 can't be an easy feat, it turns out it was not incessant fussiness or lack of sleep that made Luyendyk realize he was fine not having more kids. Instead, it was not having access to a luxury many of us likely take for granted. "Hawaii doesn't have Postmates. They [also] don't have grocery stores that are open late," Luyendyk explained to the podcast host. "Basically, it's like going back in time 30 years."

Arie Luyendyk says not having access to food delivery made parenting very difficult

The Luyendyks aren't the only family who rely on food delivery apps. According to data shared by Comfy Living, the number of parents turning to food delivery services increased from 16% to 20% between February and March of 2020. And with social distancing restrictions forcing many people to work from home and care for their children without any outside assistance, it makes sense that many busy parents have found the convenience of having meals delivered a total lifesaver.

According to Luyendyk, not being able to order food made parenting incredibly stressful, especially when it came to feeding newborn twins. "Like, right now if I don't want to cook dinner, I just order Postmates. [In Hawaii], you have to go to a grocery store, which, for us, was a 20-minute drive" (via E! News).

He added that since they were away from their families, they had less help with the kids than they usually do, so they felt "a bit overwhelmed." As a result, they started seriously questioning whether they'd be able to handle another kid, which led them to consider a vasectomy. "At that point, we were like, 'This is it. This is it," he recalled. The Bachelor star noted the couple plans to go through with the vasectomy sometime in the future, adding that he and his wife were content with the son and daughters they currently have.