Instagram Is Loving Rachael Ray's 'Bedroom Kitchen'

Rachael Ray may never come back to her Adirondack home. Sure, the spacious house in upstate New York belonging to Ray and husband John Cusimano was just rebuilt after a devasting fire one year ago (via People). But Ray and Cusimano also just finished refurbishing a Tuscan villa they had purchased, according to the "Rachael Ray Show" website. And this place, the subject of the A&E Facebook Watch show "Rachael Ray's Italian Dream Home," was indeed Ray's dream house. "All of my life, all I ever wanted was to live in Italy," she said.

Cusimano was skeptical, calling the run-down house with no water or electricity "a pile of rubble" at first. Ray's Facebook show revealed what a construction team can make out of rubble. The house is simply luxurious, as seen in a segment from the "Rachael Ray Show" posted on the show's website. As you would imagine, the kitchen was a high priority for Ray. "The kitchen was the biggest pain in the ass," she said in the show segment. "Pardon my French ... or Italian." The kitchen had no pantry space, so workers installed shelves that rolled out from the walls.

Rachael Ray's Tuscan bedroom kitchen doubles as an apartment for her dog

While the main kitchen and dining room in Rachael Ray and John Cusimano's Italian dream home are big enough for dinner parties, the couple also built a personal space into the refurbished house, with a second "baby kitchen," per the "Rachael Ray Show" website. Something about this kitchen wasn't clear in the show segment, but Ray pointed it out in a video she posted to Instagram on October 29. That second kitchen is a dream within Ray's dream home. It's a bedroom kitchen.

As the Instagram video reveal starts, words appear on the screen: "The one thing I've always dreamed of having in my bedroom ... a kitchen!" The camera pans over the stove, the sink, copper pots, and even a dog bed for Bella. The "Rachael Ray Show" segment actually referred to the bedroom kitchen as Bella's apartment.

Ray's Instagram followers were over the moon about her bedroom kitchen concept. "Stunningly gorgeous" and "exquisite" read two typical comments. A couple of Ray's Instagram fans, however, pointed out that Ray's dream of a bedroom kitchen is in fact a reality for a lot of people on much smaller budgets. "Srsly?" @dzaicek commented. "Those are called efficiency apts!"