Why Yuengling Surprised A 106-Year-Old Woman With A Truckload Of Beer

The Yuengling brewery is 192-years-old, officially making it "America's Oldest Brewery," according to the Pennsylvania-based company's website. And that makes one of the brand's biggest fans, 106-year-old Margaret Dilullo, just a kid by comparison. The Today Show recently told the story of Dilullo, who credits Yuengling Lager with her remarkable longevity. In fact, she says the secret to her 106 years is drinking a cold can of the brew every day.

If you're not familiar with Yuengling, the venerable brewery is an East Coast favorite, especially in its home state. Thrillist writes, "If you live in the Eastern U.S. (or have good taste in booze), chances are you probably know all about Yuengling beer — it's Pennsylvania's unofficial state drink [and] it tastes amazing."

Although Margaret says she doesn't remember exactly when she started enjoying a cold one every day, she does recall it was love at first sip, and says the best part of the beer is the slightly bitter flavor she's never tasted in any other brand she's tried. "I'm telling you, from the time I started to drink it, I have never drank anybody else's," Dilullo told The Today Show. So, when Yuengling found out about Dilullo's devotion to their drink, naturally they wanted to do something special for her, so they arranged to gather her family and friends and drove up with a truckload of the stuff just for Margaret.

Yuengling wanted to do something special for their biggest fan

Philadelphia news station CBS 3 captured the moment when a Yuengling truck pulled up to a front yard full of Margaret Dilullo's nearest and dearest. The video showed Yuengling staff dollying cases upon cases of their lager up Margaret's driveway. The brewery also Tweeted a photo of Margaret in front of the truck and a short clip of her sipping the beer.

Four members of the six generations behind the company were on hand for the special delivery, including Debbie Yuengling, Employee Engagement & Culture Manager, who said, "We wanted to make sure she had some beer ... We wanted to make it special for her."

"It was wonderful. I didn't expect to see that big truck pull up in front of my daughter's house," said Margaret (via The Today Show). "It was a wonderful surprise. I think it'll be the biggest surprise of my life. ... I can't believe that I could have anything to surpass it. It was wonderful."

When The Today Show asked Dilullo the secret to her long life, she admitted, "First of all, I thank God. He sees to it that I'm still here. And after that, the folks at Yuengling who see to it that the beer is here." She then added, "I felt so important. Who wouldn't be important if they got a Yuengling a day ?.. I don't think anybody will have a better time than I have." Cheers to Margaret and to Yuengling for making sure she never runs out of her favorite drink!