The 16 Best Wines To Serve With Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving feasts are surely in part responsible for the widespread popularity of this national holiday. It's certainly important to stop and take the time to appreciate what you have in your life, but you might find yourself listing a delicious turkey dinner as number one. While there are lots of versions of a Thanksgiving dinner, roast turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie are undoubtedly common elements.

When gathering together with loved ones to enjoy a festive meal, you will want to save space on the table for some bottles of wine. Although the star of the show will likely be the food, it goes without saying that a well-paired wine to sip on will complement the overall experience. There's no need to spend a lot of money in order to enjoy wine with your meal. With such a diverse menu, there is plenty of room for flexibility and experimentation so gather together with your family and friends and try out some of our favorite Thanksgiving wines.

Domaine Moutard Pet' Mout'

It's hard not to get on board with bubbles — they're fun, festive, and fizzy, so what's not to love here? What's more difficult to swallow is the price of high-end Champagne. Thankfully, there are dozens of options for all budgets found across the world, like Pétillant-Naturel. This more affordable variety of bubbly wine, also known as Pét-Nat as the cool kids call it, has definitely made a comeback in the last few years. In fact, there's nothing new about it – VinePair dates the method back to the 16th century.

This tasty version by Domaine Moutard is made in France using Chardonnay grapes (not unlike its pricier cousin, Champagne). Similarities aside, this sparkler keeps it low-key on the bubbles so that you can sip this as an apéritif without ruining your appetite. Grape Expectations describes pleasant citrus, floral, and mineral flavors that are perfect to kick off your Thanksgiving celebrations. Serve Pét' Mout' (see the play on words there?) chilled by itself or with some light snacks while your guests arrive.

Lini 910 Labrusca Lambrusco Rosso

Since we've established that bubbles are essential for many a fine Thanksgiving dinner, why not take it a few shades darker and opt for red? There will be plenty of time to drink white bubbles at upcoming New Year celebrations, so perhaps Thanksgiving is the time to try something different. Lambrusco is a family of Italian grapes that unfortunately got categorically labeled as sweet no thanks to some syrupy examples from the past (via Food & Wine). However, the style is far broader and, for those of you who don't have much of a sweet tooth, there are quite a few dry Lambruscos available for your enjoyment.

Some Lambruscos tend towards the pink but, to truly make a statement, go for Lini 910 Labrusca to add deep red color to your festivities. Winebow notes that this refreshing wine has soft acidity and plenty of aromas of red fruits and berries, making it a perfect sipper and dinner pairing. You won't forget this match made in heaven!

Juvé & Camps Cava Reserva de la Familia

It's always a good idea to have an extra bottle of sparkling wine on the table. Not only is it perfect for getting your evening started, but crisp bubbles make an excellent palate cleanser as you make your way through your Thanksgiving feast. Wine Access compares Cava to Champagne since it is mainly made using the same fermentation technique and aging regimen as the prestigious French bubbles. The Spanish version takes advantage of native grapes and is usually sold at a fraction of the price which makes it a great choice if you are hosting.

Juvé & Camps has been in the bubble business for over 200 years so it's not an understatement to say that this family-owned winery is pretty renowned at what it does (via Wine Access). This bottle of Gran Reserva is the top tier of their wines, but you would never know it by looking at the price. Meanwhile, the flavors are zesty with notes of tart green apple and a hint of brioche thanks to the longer aging period. It will do especially well at a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, complementing savory turkey while cutting through the richness of stuffing. And if you are enjoying a less traditional Thanksgiving dinner, you will appreciate the fact that Cava makes an excellent match for a wide range of dishes.

Terre Brûlée Chenin Blanc

The assortment of dishes found on most Thanksgiving dinner tables means that, if you enjoy white wine, you should go right ahead and drink it with your meal. For a white wine that's relatively complex with slightly more weight than some of its fellows, you can't go wrong with a South African Chenin Blanc. So, if you always reach for Chardonnay, here is your chance to try something different yet equally delightful.

This grape is such a chameleon but a bold option like this Terre Brûlée from South Africa makes a great match for your decadent Thanksgiving dinner. Thanks to well-balanced acidity, minerality, and notes of honeysuckle, this wine can transition smoothly between pre-dinner snacks, turkey, sweet potato casserole, green beans, and pumpkin pie. Cape Classics explains that this winemaker duo also grows Chenin Blanc in its homeland in the Loire Valley in France, so once you're hooked on their South African version, you might want to compare the two.

Château de Sancerre Blanc

Along with the rich selection of dishes that you will be enjoying during your Thanksgiving dinner, opting for a crisp and zingy white wine to wash it all down is a welcome choice. Sancerre is the name of a region in France where the iconic wine by the same name is produced. The grape itself is none other than Sauvignon Blanc but, when it's grown in this region, it takes on a sleek character brimming with a thirst-quenching acidity.

This Château de Sancerre Blanc is an excellent benchmark wine from the area and makes a great contrast to the savory food at your Thanksgiving table. Wine critic Natalie MacLean mentions citrus, gooseberry, floral, and mineral aromas among the layers of flavors present in the glass. If you're looking for a refreshing drink to counter the heavy meal you will be enjoying, this Château de Sancerre will surely do the trick.

Mas Carlot Générations Rosé

If you avoid rosé wine from fall to spring (or worse, altogether), then you are missing out on a food-friendly option that is usually an easy crowd-pleaser. Even better, it's the obvious choice if you are undecided between serving red or white wine. Similarly, if you are bringing wine to a Thanksgiving dinner party, you can rest assured that this Mas Carlot Générations rosé will be appreciated no matter what is being served.

Don't be fooled by its light pink color into thinking that this is a cheap or lightweight wine. Wine Enthusiast describes this variety as wonderfully fresh and concentrated, showcasing earthy notes mingled with raspberries, cherries, and an herbal touch. Natalie MacLean agrees, adding that the crisp dry wine has citrus notes that make it great for sipping by itself or paired with your Thanksgiving feast. A juicy piece of turkey dripping with gravy is a fine match for a refreshing glass of Mas Carlot rosé.

Field Recordings Skins

Why not pour an American wine to celebrate this quintessentially American holiday? To go with the festive fall theme, an orange wine will fit in seamlessly. Named for its color, the wine is in fact not made with oranges but white grapes. Field Recordings is a winery in California that makes carefully crafted wines perfect for everyday drinking and special occasions. Skins is their orange wine. 

Turns out the wine is aptly named since the production technique used by Field Recordings keeps the grape skins in contact with the juice during the fermentation process. This method of winemaking creates a richer texture with light tannins and complex flavors. An assorted blend of grapes from various vineyards is used here as well, adding layers of depth to this aromatic wine. Vine Arts mentions orange peel, tea leaf, apple, and honey among the tasting notes. If you are looking for a unique wine that will appeal to a wide crowd, Skins is a great option. Even the heartiest craft beer lovers may find themselves pleasantly surprised by the distinct style of this wine.

Dominique Piron Morgon

Beaujolais Nouveau is synonymous with Thanksgiving, partly since the wine is released on the third Thursday of November as Wine Folly explains. It also makes an undeniably delicious match for Thanksgiving foods. These wines are made with the Gamay grape and undergo a quick fermentation process that produces juicy flavor. If your mind immediately went to cranberry sauce, then you'll understand the appeal of the pairing. Keep in mind that if you want a Nouveau wine to go with your dinner, then you will have to make sure that your local wine shop receives the latest releases.

Although this style of wine is a fun crowd pleaser, if you are looking to take it up a notch then try one of the more serious offerings from this region, a Cru Beaujolais. You'll then find yourself sipping on a concentrated structured wine such as Dominique Piron's Morgon. This tasty wine is brimming with red fruit flavors and polished off with an earthy and herbal finish (via For a refined way to accompany your Thanksgiving meal, try this silky stunner.

Weingut Wachter Wiesler Bela-Joska

While we're on the topic of juicy, lightly spiced red wines, wow your guests by serving an Austrian Blaufränkisch at your Thanksgiving dinner. The Wachter Wiesler winery prides itself on almost exclusively making wines from this native grape so you are in for a treat with Bela-Joska, which they describe as an archetype of their vineyard's style. Although the wine is packed with flavors including dark berries, cherries, violets, black pepper, and clove, the final result is supple and will not detract from what is on your plate (via Bowler Wine).

On the contrary, this red wine will complement the flavors of your meal thanks to the lively aromas bursting from every sip. If you find yourself accepting an invitation for dinner by someone who doesn't have the best track record in the kitchen, bring this vibrant Blaufränkisch along to keep the evening interesting and your palate satisfied.

The Four Graces Pinot Noir

Pretty much any Thanksgiving wine recommendation list will include Pinot Noir, and once you try the combination with a classic holiday menu, you will understand why. In particular, Wine Folly points out that Pinot varieties from Oregon have fruity herbal flavors that make them an excellent match for turkey, cranberry sauce, and savory sides. Pinot is also lighter than other red wines, which makes it a welcome addition to pair with the heavier options on the table.

The Four Graces Pinot Noir from the Willamette Valley is an excellent option to pair with your Thanksgiving feast. mentions flavors of red fruits, including cranberries, along with earthy notes and a peppery finish that will stand up to any dish you are serving. Thanks to the moderate acidity, this wine will be a refreshing breath between bites of rich food. This smooth Pinot is sure to please even your most discerning guests with its elegant and polished style.

Le Grand Bouqueteau Chinon

If you are looking for value and flavor, venture towards the Loire Valley in France for a wine made from Cabernet Franc, a parent to the beloved Cabernet Sauvignon grape (via MasterClass). For the ultimate experience, try Le Grand Bouqueteau from Chinon, one of the prime areas for the grape. Wine Access sings high praises in honor of this wine, noting the superior quality of the vineyards and winemaking methods. 

There's no need for specifics because the wine's refined nature translates directly into the glass. Wine Access adds that fans of Bordeaux and Napa will be satisfied by this delightful wine, making it a good choice to expand your palate with aromas of flowers, ripe cherry, plum, dark fruit, and a spicy finish. Le Grand Bouqueteau is polished yet remains vibrant and brimming with fruit. If you were unsure of what to pair with your festive dinner, you won't be disappointed with this elegant option.

Ridge East Bench Zinfandel

Wines made from the Zinfandel grape are another American classic that deserves a spot at your Thanksgiving dinner table this year. Ridge Vineyards in California carefully tends to its land, producing fine wines with minimal intervention that showcase the surrounding region. The winery's East Bench Zinfandel is a prime example, made with organic grapes from a single vineyard.

The final product is structured with juicy cherry and raspberry notes, a hint of oak, and a minty finish (via Ridge Vineyards). Wine Enthusiast describes the wine as velvety and complex, with dark fruits and gentle tannins that will make a great match for your rich turkey dinner. While it is certainly bolder than some of the lighter reds listed here, this balanced and medium-bodied wine will nonetheless fit right in with your Thanksgiving feast. If you are opting for a more non-traditional menu, this Zinfandel also pairs wonderfully with roast pork.

Trimbach Gewurztraminer

For many people including those who follow a vegan or vegetarian diet, a traditional Thanksgiving turkey dinner just isn't going to cut it. There are no limits to what foods you can serve at your holiday meal and the same goes for the wine pairing. With that in mind, consider Gewurztraminer, an original and flavor-packed grape that makes some wonderfully fragrant wines. Trimbach Estate produces such a wine in Alsace, France with local grapes. The winery's Gewurztraminer wine is a great way to get acquainted with the Gewurztraminer grape, which they describe as being their fruitiest and spiciest offering (via Trimbach).

If you've never tried Gewurztraminer, be sure to give your glass a good sniff before taking a sip — it doesn't make you a wine snob! Trimbach's wine has an unmistakable perfumed aroma with notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, lychee, and rose petal (via Taub Family Selections). The rich flavor profile makes this wine perfect from start to finish. Try it with pumpkin pie and you'll see.

Wagner Vineyards Dry Riesling

While the rest of the country is working away in the kitchen or heading out to enjoy a homemade feast, it's totally fair to opt for takeout. If a traditional Thanksgiving meal doesn't pique your appetite, there are plenty of alternatives. Asian styles of cuisine are a popular option for delivery and regardless of your specific order, a dry Riesling like the one by Wagner Vineyards will make a nice match with its zesty high acidity.

Although Riesling hails from Germany, the Finger Lakes region in New York state is also producing exceptional wines in the same style. Wagner Vineyards describes their dry Riesling as an outstanding food wine and thanks to the citrus, stone fruit, and mineral flavors that are all incorporated in the bottle, the resulting wine tastes like a real treat. This vibrant Riesling will keep your palate refreshed no matter how spicy your takeout order is.

Fontanafredda Briccotondo Barbera

For an extra easy and non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner, ordering a couple of pizzas is a no-brainer. Whether you are hosting family or friends, pizza tends to be a serious crowd-pleaser. If you're opting for any foods that go heavy on the red sauce, the Barbera grape from Italy is a great accompaniment. Fontanafredda winery in Piemonte, Italy prides itself on being founded by the king of Italy in the mid-1800s. Thankfully, you don't need to be royalty to afford their wines and the winery has an assortment of tiers for all tastes and budgets, including ones made with Barbera grapes.

Fontanafredda's Briccotondo line of wines is made to satisfy a wide range of consumers, including its Barbera. Dark berries, plums, black pepper, and cinnamon are smoothly combined in this juicy, bold wine (via Fontanafredda). The tannins are subtle, too, making this an easy-drinking wine to go with an unfussy pizza dinner.

Château Bastor-Lamontagne Sauternes

If you are going for a full Thanksgiving feast, then you will surely want to finish it off with a dessert wine. To prevent unpleasant bitter flavors, Usual Wines warns that your wine should be sweeter than your dessert. Thankfully, with wine from Sauternes like this one by Château Bastor-Lamontagne, it shouldn't be too difficult to achieve. The wine gets its intensely sweet characteristics from something known as "grape rot" (via Wine Folly).

While it might be one of those fun facts you would rather not know, this rot has a unique quality that results in luscious wines brimming with flavor. This Château Bastor-Lamontagne Sauternes certainly fits the profile, retaining freshness thanks to notes of tropical fruits and well-balanced acidity, per The layered aromas make an excellent match for classic Thanksgiving desserts such as pumpkin pie

Note that this wine and most other varieties from Sauternes come in half bottles and with moderately elevated prices. All the same, if you are willing to splurge a little, the flavors make this wine deliciously unique. The heightened sweetness also makes it easy to stop after a small pour, so your bottle will likely go further than you think.