Subway Employees On Reddit Say These Customers Are The Worst

For those with experience in the field of retail, it's safe to say that customer service is a pretty large part of the job. While there are customers who will greet you with a positive smile or perhaps some friendly small talk, you may have heard your fair share of customers who you wish would have picked another time to come in. You know the kind: the complainer, the browser, the ones who come in right before closing. To deal with kooky customers is part of the world of retail, especially in the world of restaurants and fast-food joints.

There are plenty of horror stories about crazy customers and "Karens" passed down from cashier to fry cook, much in the same style of old urban legends and myths. Business Insider had anonymous McDonald's employees relay stories of gluttonous customers, dealing with hissy fits from grown adults, or cleaning the Play Place of things so disgusting you'll think twice about letting your child roam around in the maze of plastic tubes. Urbo had employees of everything from McDonald's and Popeye's to Chipotle dealing with shysters, scammers, and all sorts of colorful folks trying to score some free food or make a scene. On Reddit, a group of Subway employees came together to vent about the oddballs they sometimes have to serve, and discovered there was one particular brand of "bad customer" that would make even the most experienced sandwich artist roll their eyes in disbelief.

Subway employees hate the 'early birds'

"People who sit in the parking lot and wait for the OPEN sign are some of the worst people."

This comment, made by user SurfinPirate on the Subway subreddit, set the tone for the thread. Referring to the type of customers known as "early birds," the kind who flock around the store waiting for it to open right on the dot, SurfinPirate's grief was quickly shared by other employees who dealt with these impatient customers. One such user, known as HyprSl0th, sympathized fully with this claim.

"You open and they are in a hurry, order 900 things, take a year to read their list, pay in pennies, ask for each sub to be bagged separately, ask if there is anyone else that can help to speed it along, ask if there are any coupons, stink up the bathroom, spill a coke, punch a puppy on the way out," they wrote.

Other users mentioned their gripes with these types of customers, from mentioning how they would stand outside and yank on the door before they opened it up or if they even expected the bread and fillings to be freshly prepared yet. On the other side, it would seem that certain customers don't seem to know how to tell if the store is closed or make absurd orders right before closing (via Buzzfeed). Love them or hate them, Subway can't deny that these customers are the only way they'll be able to get the metaphorical bread.