Why You Might Want To Start Eating More Crab

How delicious is crab? If you love seafood, you've more than likely enjoyed your fair share of this crustacean. There are more than 4,000 varieties of edible crab, which are enjoyed all over the world in a staggering array of dishes from crab cakes to fragrant crab curry, and so many more delicious options (via The Spruce Eats). But as tasty as crab is, there are more reasons to eat it other than its flavor. 

The crustacean is a healthy seafood option, boasting lower levels of mercury than popular fish choices such as swordfish and tuna, and it offers a host of essential vitamins and minerals including B12, iron, and zinc (via WebMD). According to the outlet, the consumption of crab can also improve heart health, prevent anemia, and boost brain health. And there's another benefit you'll want to know about if you're a crab lover, which has to do with a beneficial mineral. 

Crab is chock full of selenium

As noted above, crab meat is a healthy seafood choice, low in mercury and packed with beneficial vitamins and minerals (via WebMD). But did you know that this sweet-fleshed crustacean also offers a healthy serving of selenium? This trace mineral is found in all shellfish, but particularly in crab, with 100 grams of crab meat providing more than a full serving of selenium (via Salcombe Finest). So why all the fuss about selenium? 

According to the Harvard School of Public Health, this mineral helps protect against cell damage and infections and can help promote a healthy thyroid. This is the butterfly-shaped gland located at the front of the neck that produces hormones which regulate body functions such as metabolism, growth and development, and body temperature (via WebMD). And you don't have to eat a lot of crab to reap the benefits of selenium, the shellfish contains three times more selenium than cod and 12 times more selenium than beef, per Salcombe Finest. So if you love tucking into cold crab salad or cracking open a king crab leg, take comfort in the fact that you're boosting your immune system, while enjoying a delicious meal.