Chrissy Teigen's Meatloaf Wellington Has Instagram Impressed

Chrissy Teigen's new cookbook, "Cravings: All Together," has finally been released, and Teigen is celebrating its debut with an Instagram post featuring one of her favorite holiday recipes from the book: meatloaf Wellington. On her website, Teigen describes the dish as ideal for home cooks looking for something easy yet delicious to make for their family and guests. "Traditional beef Wellington is very fancy and easy to mess up," she says. Meatloaf Wellington, on the other hand, "is the opposite." 

Indeed, the Instagram photo portrays a very well-prepared and presented Wellington, complete with a braided pastry crust and staged alongside items available from Teigen's home and kitchen line. Based on their comments, users have fallen in love with her simplified version of the classic and elegant meal. "Made it last night and it was so delicious! And it looked beautiful which is a triumph for me," commented one Instagrammer. Others are taking the recipe into their own hands with their own modifications, such as this user who commented, "I made this Sunday (with ground turkey for a slightly healthier version) and honestly, the leftovers have been even more delicious!"

Meatloaf Wellington is affordable and approachable

Teigen is pretty proud of her meatloaf Wellington recipe for its innovative twists and ease of preparation. "Instead of using a giant beef tenderloin, which is $$$$ and easy to overcook, we use the most beautiful meatloaf mix. And instead of borrrrrring breadcrumbs, we use crunched-up Stove Top stuffing because why does no one ever do this?!?!?!!!?!! The meat is juicy, the puff pastry is crispy (and from a box), and it feeds loads of your friends and/or family," Teigen wrote in the description shared on her website.

One Instagrammer was so taken with Teigen's photo of her meatloaf Wellington that they were immediately inspired to make the meal. "Where do I find the recipe?" they asked, suggesting they were ready to buy the cookbook just for that dish. Luckily for this user and for us, the answer is no. Those looking to cook up a Teigen-inspired holiday feast for their guests need only to visit her Cravings website to access the directions on how to prepare this stunning and delectable meatloaf Wellington.