Subway Is Still Celebrating National Sandwich Day With This Extended Deal

Though the food holiday is officially celebrated on November 3, technically every day is National Sandwich Day at Subway — at least, it is for the rest of the week. The sandwich chain is keeping the festivities going with a promotion that's not one day long, but four, according to a press release sent to Mashed. Beginning on November 3 and lasting until November 6, Subway customers who buy two footlong sandwiches will get a third one free of charge.

This limited-time special is available nationwide, so if you and two friends love sandwiches, you'll definitely want to hop on the opportunity while it lasts. However, the deal is only redeemable online. To qualify for your free third sandwich, download the Subway app and create an account. From there, follow the prompts to place an order for three subs — once you've decided whether you want some of the longstanding Subway sandwiches or something from its recent menu overhaul.

Which sandwiches are included in the promotion?

Unless you're a fan of wraps or Footlong Pros, you'll be able to get any of your favorite footlong Subway sandwiches through the National Sandwich Day promotion, Go Banking Rates reports. Subway has even brought back its roast beef sandwich in time for the occasion, so if you were among the customers who were disappointed by its discontinuation in 2020, covered by Thrillist, its return will be a reason to celebrate. The meat in the new and improved roast beef sandwich has been upgraded to Angus roast beef, and the sub comes with lettuce, baby spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, and onions. 

Participating Subways are also offering free delivery through the app, so be sure to take advantage if it's available at your location. Whether you're craving three roast beef sandwiches or a mix of different footlongs, Subway may help you have the breadiest National Sandwich Day (or week) yet.