Jamie Oliver Has Big Plans For His Hogwarts-Esque House

Jamie Oliver, creator of the "Naked Chef" franchise, has a little beef with "Harry Potter." While on "The Kelly Clarkson Show" (as seen on YouTube), Oliver claims that the only books that have sold more than his in the U.K. are those in the "Harry Potter" series — and apparently this facet has motivated his latest venture. 

In truth, the author has sold a tremendous amount of books in the U.K. A 2016 report from The Guardian states that, at the time, "Jamie's' 30 Minute Meals" was the 27th most-sold book in the region, along with four additional Oliver cookbooks holding spots on the list of the top 100 best-sellers of all time.

Impressively, in 2010, the Food Network star sold more than $100 million of his books in Britain, second only to the infamous JK Rowling (via Weekend Australian). Oliver is well aware that selling nearly as many books as those in the "Harry Potter" series is no small feat. So when chatting with Kelly Clarkson, he revealed it's inspired a new idea with a home he's bought and started renovating: "Because Harry Potter's the only person that's sold more books than me, I thought I'd go and get Hogwarts and do some dinner parties."

You might be able to dine at Jamie Oliver's Hogwarts-themed house

Oliver did just that with a new massive castle-looking property he's now renovating and has big plans for. During the interview (seen on YouTube), talk show host Kelly Clarkson gushes over Jamie Oliver's house, stating, "I want to build a house, and I want to make it look old like that." Oliver shares about the property, "That is like 1,000 years old. It's very old." As Clarkson jests about adding a moat to the Hogwarts-looking home, Oliver even proclaims, "There actually is a moat."

The "Food Revolution" star then asks the animated show audience, "Do you wanna come around for dinner?" before diving into his goals for the lavish estate. He shares, "I think it's really important to give buildings like that purpose." And among his future plans are a public restaurant, bakery, and cookery school on-site, which will be in a separate section of the house. As if the Jamie Oliver experience doesn't sound magical enough, he reveals to Clarkson that there is also a recording studio, which he invites her to visit to record music and, of course, eat.