Here's What Happened To Sanaia Applesauce After Shark Tank

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Correction 4/12/22: An earlier version of this article stated that Sanaia went out of business. The company stopped operations during the COVID-19 pandemic but relaunched in 2022.

There's no doubt that "Shark Tank" is a brilliant platform for entrepreneurs. Having a shark's backing can turn a part-time business that started out as a hobby into a multi-million dollar empire. For example, take Scrub Daddy, a texture-changing sponge scrub that is firm when cold and becomes soft under hot water, per the South China Morning Post. The sponge, which looks like it's right out of a TikTok kitchen hack video, got shark Lori Greiner's backing and turned into a million-dollar global business. And in 2012, Barbara Corcoran backed Los Angeles-based food truck biz Cousins Maine Lobster with a $55,000 investment and turned it into an even more successful business than it already was, bringing in $20 million in sales, per Mental Floss.

Another such promising business was Sanaia Applesauce. Episode 10 of Season 2 saw Bahamas-born Keisha Smith-Jeremie present to the sharks a simple business idea: applesauce for adults, per Shark Tank Tales) While the business owner did shake hands with "Shark Tank" investor Mark Cuban at the end of the episode, it turns out the billionaire didn't get into the applesauce business after all.

Mark Cuban's investment in Sanaia Applesauce fell through

When Keisha Smith-Jeremie walked into the "Shark Tank" room with an idea to turn a predominantly kids' snack into an adult treat, the sharks were skeptical about the viability of the business, per Shark Tank Tales. But once the sharks found out that Smith-Jeremie's business had already generated a revenue of $40,000 after initial pilot tests, they were intrigued and couldn't get enough of her tropical island-inspired guava and green apple flavored applesauces.

While Barbara Corcoran initially offered $150,000 in return for 75% of the company, well above the 15% Smith-Jeremie was ready to give, she ended up taking Mark Cuban's deal of $150,000 for 25% of her company (via Seoaves). Considering Sanaia Applesauce had managed to receive a shark's backing, it seemed like the small business was on its way to turning into yet another million-dollar company. However, Shark Tank Tales reports that the deal with Mark Cuban was never finalized.

Nevertheless, Sanaia Applesauce managed to stay in business. The brand's Instagram account has more than 10,000 adult applesauce followers, and its products are available on Amazon, as well as the company's online web store