Why Buddy Valestro Isn't A Fan Of This Wedding Cake Trend

Calling Buddy "Cake Boss" Valestro a wedding cake aficionado may be an understatement. Having logged almost 20 years as master baker at Carlo's Bake Shop, and working/hanging there for years before that, with his father as his mentor, it's safe to say that he knows a thing or two about wedding cakes. The fourth generation baker has designed, baked, and decorated quite a few, including a memorable cake crafted for his nephew and even his own, which featured thousands of hand-crafted sugar flowers. Now that's love!

Wedding trends come and go (remember when black was the preferred bridesmaid dress color?) as do food trends. What's "in" with wedding cakes has certainly experienced some bumpy roads as well (think colored fountains and little plastic staircases adorned with wedding attendants that connected individual cakes). One recent trend that this cake maestro is apparently not down with, according to Inside Weddings, is the latest "naked cake" fad. This style of wedding cake features layers of cake that are filled and stacked, but not decorated. According to Brides, the fad took off in 2013 as a result of people preferring less sweetness, and also as a cost-saving measure.

Buddy Valastro prefers a uniquely decorated cake

Though the naked cake has been the favorite of a few celebrities, including Angelina Jolie (via InStyle), Valestro feels that a wedding cake should be decorated according to the palettes and preferences of the couple so that it stands out and is unique to their celebration. He also thinks it's wise to include the cake's designer in the initial conversation about the cake, as they have knowledge and know-how that reflects their talents (Inside Weddings).

And while he doesn't particularly like the naked trend, and recommends a uniquely decorated cake, he is also not a fan of elaborate designs and structures. He is of the opinion that the wedding cake itself should be an elegant statement, and the fun, over-the-top features should perhaps be reserved for the groom's cake.

The "Cake Boss" has made all kinds of cakes, from his first venture, a birthday rum cake that he made for his mom when he was 12, to a jewel-studded $30 million dollar cake that has the distinction of being the most expensive cake ever created (The Recipe). Cakes, especially wedding cakes, are a delectable ending to an evening or event that typically involves fun and loved ones. Happy memories, and a lingering hint of sweetness, are what you should really be taking with you from any wedding or celebration.