The 2 Foods Adele Can't Stand

Anytime an artist releases a new album, their calendar is packed with all kinds of promotional stops, from late night television shows to magazine interviews. Adele knows this routine well, and the British superstar has been making the rounds recently as her new songs hit the airwaves. One of the stops she recently made was to join British Vogue for a YouTube video in which she sat down to try a variety of quintessentially British dishes. 

However, she didn't simply try the dishes — she was blindfolded and made to guess what they were. Within less than a month, the video had racked up over 5 million views, and fans were loving Adele's candid and hilarious responses, as she sampled the various dishes and shared stories from her own life, as well as a few of her food preferences and aversions. For example, any ketchup lovers will be thrilled to know that Adele is so devoted to the Heinz condiment that she actually carries packets of it in her purse. However, it seems not even a generous dollop of ketchup could convince her to enjoy two particular British classics.

The foods you'll never find Adele eating

Though Adele shared many of her culinary opinions and tales on YouTube, there were two foods that she called out as items she really didn't enjoy. The first, which she actually took a bite out of after the British Vogue crew served it up sliced in half, was pickled eggs. With a delicate wrinkle of her nose, she confessed that she's not a fan of pickled eggs, although the food wasn't the top of her most hated list — that honor went to jellied eel.

The classic British dish first popped up in the 18th century, according to Atlas Obscura, and it soon became a must-offer item at every pie-and-mash shop, where diners could get some of the gelatinous protein alongside their comforting carbs. Adele correctly guessed that they're typically just boiled, and though Food & Wine suggests that they're commonly topped with seasonings such as white pepper, herbs, and malt vinegar, according to Adele they've "got no flavor... at all" (via Food Network).

Despite her aversion to the seafood dish, Adele couldn't escape them growing up, if her story is anything to judge by. As she revealed, one of her grandmothers has a penchant for consuming the gelatinous dish without her dentures in. Regardless, it's pretty much guaranteed that jellied eel is not a food you'll ever see on Adele's dinner plate.