The Common Thanksgiving Side Padma Lakshmi Will Never Serve

We all have that one Thanksgiving dish we will not touch. For some of us, it's the green bean casserole that our aunt always brings to Thanksgiving dinner. For others, it's the pistachio fluff their grandma insists on bringing even though it seems like she's the only one who will eat it. For many, sides like stuffing and candied yams are on thin ice. To each their own.

Nevertheless, many of these side dishes, no matter how unpopular, are still part of the Thanksgiving tradition. You allow the mushy green bean casserole and the sticky pistachio fluff to sit alongside the beautiful turkey and the luscious mashed potatoes (the latter being the most popular Thanksgiving dish in America, according to Insider).

Or do you? Maybe there's that one dish you just can't stand. You don't want to eat it, you don't want to smell it, you don't even want to look at it. If you can relate, you're not alone. "Top Chef" host Padma Lakshmi has pretty much banned one traditional Thanksgiving dish from her table. 

Canned cranberry sauce has been uninvited

If you like cranberry sauce, this news might hurt a little, but Padma Lakshmi does not like it at all. She told Delish, "I don't like canned cranberry sauce. To be honest, I don't even really like cranberry sauce, except I like my cranberry chutney, which a great aunt taught me how to make."

Although the chutney Lakshmi prepares is "very spicy," there are plenty of variations you can try if spice isn't your thing. Food & Wine, for example, has an easy recipe for a cranberry, ginger, and orange chutney that will brighten up your turkey dinner (or any dinner, for that matter).

Whether or not you're a fan of cranberry sauce, you can always experiment with it this Thanksgiving. Who knows? You might find a recipe you like! You can also try it with different foods — perhaps as a glaze for ham or an add-in for enchiladas (via Taste of Home).