The Creepy Thing People Noticed Lurking In Aldi's World Kindness Day Post

If you're an Aldi regular, you know the golden rule of shopping there: always carry a quarter. The supermarket chain requires that shoppers insert a quarter to unlock a shopping cart. After the shopping is finished and the cart is put back in its rightful place, the quarter is returned to the customer. According to the Aldi website, this genius system ensures that the store won't have to hire additional staff to round up carts and put them in one place.

This shopping cart requirement can be a pesky problem on occasions when you've forgotten to carry quarters. So, on the eve of World Kindness Day, which falls on November 13, Aldi shared an image on Facebook and Instagram and asked fans how they would show kindness. The post showed a tray full of quarters left outside for shoppers along with a cardboard sign. The only request was that customers put the quarters back once they're done shopping so someone else can benefit.

While Aldi's handy act of kindness has received a lot of appreciation from fans, many people got distracted by a creepy-crawler lurking around some of the quarters. So although it was a noble thought, some people would think twice about touching one of those quarters.

Aldi shoppers spotted a spider

Social media users were creeped out by a pretty big spider near the quarters left for Aldi shoppers. "I will take a quarter without a side of spider, please," wrote a follower on Aldi's Instagram post. And that pretty much sums up a number of people's thoughts. Another user suggested that it was better not to have a cart than risk facing the eight-legged terror: "No thank you I'll carry all of my groceries loose before I put my hand near that spider." A hilarious comment suggested that the spider was safeguarding the tray of quarters while others wondered why nobody noticed or got rid of the spider.

Some Instagram and Facebook users seemed a little more forgiving of Aldi's "spider tray" and instead recounted their own acts of shopping cart kindness. But one person asked, "So... are we not going to acknowledge the giant spider?" while another said they would rather "run back to my spiderless car." Spider or no spider, a Facebook user wondered why Aldi wasn't just unlocking carts for free on the day instead of letting people borrow quarters: "Why doesn't Aldi give carts for free on World Kindness Day, instead of guilting customers into doing it?" But at least this way, people can get a free spider, too.