Dog Lovers Need To Know About This Party Pack From Costco

Costco is full of great finds for you as a shopper. For one, you can purchase in bulk at wholesale prices, saving you money and time — no need to make five trips back to the store when there's enough to last you for more than a little while. There's something for everyone, whether it's a bottle of Kirkland Signature wine for Friday happy hour or a juicy rotisserie chicken that the whole family can enjoy for a weeknight dinner. But humans aren't the only ones who can benefit from a trip to the warehouse-style retailer. If you're a pet parent with a Costco membership, your dog can scoop up a few things, too.

Besides regular old dog food and treats, there are plenty of specialty pet products at Costco. There's the recently released 2021 dog advent calendar, which has treats and toys for every day of December. And there are the chew toys designed to look like Costco food court items, as listed on the store's website. Now, according to an Instagram post by fan account @costcobuys, there's another pack of adorable Costco-themed pet toys that will have your pup feeling like the top dog. 

Costco customers' dogs are loving the toys

If your dog is a classy canine, then this Costco "party pack" of pet toys is the perfect gift for them this holiday season. As one customer's description on Reddit shows, it includes four squeaky toys that will instantly elevate your pooch's playtime. They'll get two plush bottles of booze — Cabernet Slobbernon Fine Whine and Kirkland Dogka — plus Sheddar Cheese and an Executive Dog Card, a squishy Costco membership card for pets. The pack costs $15.99 and may not be available in all Costco stores, so you may want to call your location before going out to buy it.

The party pack is a big hit among those who have bought it for their furry family members. "My dogs love it!!!" one shopper raved on Instagram. "My GSD might need a 12 step program as she's been carrying the Dogka and Red Wine around everywhere she goes....even into her kennel for bedtime." One note of caution, however, is that the toys aren't exactly the most durable. Many commenters who have bought the pack for their four-legged friends say they quickly shredded the toys to pieces. "My little poodle mix destroyed all of them within 10 minutes," one Redditor warned.