This Overloaded Thanksgiving Pizza Has Twitter Divided

When it comes to holidays that bring the best of food out on the table, there's no doubt that Thanksgiving ranks pretty high. It is a holiday best celebrated over a dinner table filled with roast turkey, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, and pies after all.

Some people, though, take Thanksgiving a tad too far. Brach's candy corn whilst on a normal day is pretty phenomenal, their Thanksgiving dinner flavored candy corn — with flavors of apple pie, turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and all — has gotten scathing reviews from pretty much anyone who has been brave enough to try it (via Today). Jones Soda, the maker of all sorts of oddly flavored sodas, has announced that they will be bringing back a limited number of Turkey & Gravy Soda bottles for the first time since 2003 to mark the company's 25th anniversary (via Food & Wine). Whether you're keen on drinking your Thanksgiving dinner, a turkey and gravy flavored soda is as bizarre as soda flavors get.

The latest to jump on the Thanksgiving-everything bandwagon is Macy's Place Pizzeria, a local pizzeria in New York that has the entire Twitterati thinking that some things are better left untouched with its Thanksgiving pizza.

The Thanksgiving pizza

Macy's Place Pizzeria has a track record for being fairly adventurous with its pizzas. For Halloween, the pizzeria posted an image on Instagram of a candy-covered sweet pizza with gummy worms. For Cinco de Mayo, the store showed off its pizza turned into a giant taco on Instagram.

More recently, Macy's announced on Twitter and Instagram that customers could now eat their Thanksgiving dinner stuffed onto a pizza overloaded with turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, corn as well as gravy and a cranberry drizzle! While the pizzeria's more daring customer base couldn't wait to get a slice of the Thanksgiving pizza, others weren't so easily sold. "I love yall pizza, but this aint it. I say that with all due respect as I understand that some would like this" wrote a Twitter user. Others said that they could get on the Thanksgiving pizza team if only the pizza lost the cranberry drizzle.

While Twitter debated on whether Macy's had taken both Thanksgiving and pizza both too far, the pizzeria, it seems, was busy adding another Thanksgiving-flavored item to its menu: chicken wings dipped in gravy, topped with corn and accompanied with mashers & cranberry for a dipping sauce (via Instagram).