Gordon Ramsay Revealed The Secret To Making The Perfect Steak

Americans love a good steak. Raising, preparing, and eating beef is part of the American persona. Few, if any, people have been more romanticized, and documented, than the American Cowboy, who, according to Legends of America, was mainly a product of Texas; Trusty, true men of courage, recklessness and horsemanship, who were good with a gun became icon as they focused on their unofficial mission: Herd cattle that the rest of the country will feast on. Beef production and consumption has come under fire, as of late, because of the environmental concerns associated with cattle production, but that has not really translated into the American home, as, per Business Insider, beef is still the best selling meat in America, with 2020 sales topping $30 billion.

Beef is what's for dinner. And a good steak, well, that's really the top of the line, isn't it? While a date night trip to Applebee's might feature a great steak, really, preparing the perfect steak at home is sure to woo a date, or impress friends. Along those lines, who better to tell us, in the simplest, most relatable and comprehensive way, how to prepare the perfect steak, than Gordon Ramsay? He certainly knows his way around a kitchen. After emerging on London's restaurant scene in 1993, and earning two Michelin stars in his first three years as chef of Aubergine, he earned three more of the coveted stars when he opened his first eatery, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, in 1998. 

Steak tips from Gordon Ramsay that you need to know

The famed chef, who told Bon Appétit in 2009 that the one thing he refused to eat was a ready (frozen) meal, is all about good food, and making it accessible. His simple tricks and techniques can turn a "meh" meal into a five-star feast. His handy steak preparation tips: Never add oil to a pan until it's hot — unless you want to boil your food in a thin layer of fat, a flavorful sear comes with a proper sautée, use the side of the pan to your advantage, and lay away from yourself when working with a hot pan. His secret for the perfect steak: Take it out of the fridge 20 minutes before preparing it, or the center will be cold and the outside will be over-cooked. That tip, and making sure the pan is hot, are included in his Ultimate Cooking Class.

His steak prep is really simple and easy to follow. Turning the well-seasoned steak every minute until you've reached the desired doneness, letting the pan do the work, adding garlic and thyme, then butter, and basting the steak in it, and letting it rest before slicing, these tips are sure to help any would-be date night chef prepare a steak that will be the beginning of a "fancy" at-home evening that your date will sing about later. Throw in an Oreo shake, whipped cream on top, and you may just have a hit on your hands.