The Truth About Team Three Pipers Piping From Holiday Wars: Season 3

For many baking enthusiasts, the dessert-centric culinary competition shows that take place over the festive season are absolute must-see bits of television. From towering gingerbread masterpieces and perfectly frosted cookies to seriously impressive cakes and much more, there's no limit to the seasonal sweet treats that contestants can whip up, even under the most challenging time restrictions. These are just a few of the things you might expect from "Holiday Wars," which has returned for a third season on Food Network. 

Maneet Chauhan of "Chopped" and "Iron Chef" serves as the host of "Holiday Wars," and chefs Shinmin Lee and Aarti Sequeira are the judges, per Distractify. It also seems that the stakes are higher than ever this year, with the prize money up for grabs more than doubling from past years at $25,000. One of the baking teams in the running for the big reward, according to Food Network, is Team Three Pipers Piping, featuring the sweet skills of Angela Cabanyog, Jennifer Moshier, and Frank LaMendola. The bakers in this trio come from different corners of the country and bring their own expertise and skill set to the baking process — and they've already been whipping up some incredible creations. You can follow their journey on Instagram by keeping an eye on the #threepiperspiping hashtag. 

Meet Cabanyog, Moshier, and LaMendola

The trio of "Holiday Wars" bakers competing as Team Three Pipers Piping have all had different journeys in the culinary world, but all manage to turn out some stunning (and likely scrumptious) confections. Frank LaMendola of New Jersey is a baker, chef, gardener, designer, and artist, according to his Instagram bio. As his page demonstrates, he doesn't limit himself to sweets and also serves up plenty of savory fare, from roast turkey to prosciutto-topped pizza. His diverse skill set might give the team a bit of an extra edge; in addition to whipping up his own tasty creations, LaMendola is a culinary instructor as well.

Up next is Indio, California, baker Angela Cabanyog, who appears to have taken a hiatus from her cake business; her @angelascakes_ Instagram bio states that it's currently closed for new orders. However, she's a whiz with eye-catching cakes, with her page showing a cake-ified fast food spread including fries, a burger, and chicken nuggets, plus a chic and luxurious Chanel-themed cake and much more. She's also a competition show veteran, having previously competed on Food Network's "Cake Wars," reports Desert Sun. Finally, team member Jennifer Moshier, who teaches dessert-decorating classes through Prima Cakes and Cookies in New Jersey, according to her website, will be bringing her sugar-working skills to her team, helping to craft some truly jaw-dropping pieces. Competing on the Food Network has been a "lifelong dream" of hers, she told Courier Post. Now that you know what they're like apart, you'll have to tune in to Season 3 of "Holiday Wars" to see what this trio dreams up together.