The Pioneer Woman: Hometown Stories: Release Date, Episodes, And More - What We Know So Far

If Ree Drummond, Food Network's famed Pioneer Woman, were to come out with a television series on streaming service discovery+, we all know what genre her show would fall into, right? Say it with us, altogether now ... True Crime.

Of course it would be true crime — Drummond walking the mean streets of Pawhuska, Oklahoma, investigating unsolved mysteries like who opened the oven too early and made the soufflé fall? Can a bad gravy really kill Thanksgiving? Who was that mysterious couple that crashed Drummond's book signing?

Well, a bit of good news and a bit of bad news, folks. The bad news is that there is no true crime series starring Ree Drummond in the works (that we know of); but the good news is that, according to a press release from discovery+, the culinary cowgirl will be premiering three holiday specials — entitled "The Pioneer Woman: Hometown Stories" — this December.

What's the release date for The Pioneer Woman: Hometown Stories?

Like a big Christmas gift all tied up with a bow, discovery+ says that "The Pioneer Woman: Hometown Stories" will be under everyone's tree on Saturday, December 11. The streaming service calls the limited series a "collection of three holiday gems," and it's not just that the holiday spirit has put Drummond and discovery+ in a Christmassy mood — the timing is due to the yuletide nature of the programs themselves.

The shows will explore Christmas in Drummond's town of Pawhuska, Oklahoma, as the holiday affects her family and her businesses, including her store (The Mercantile), her boutique hotel (The Boarding House) and her ice cream parlour (Charlie's Sweet Shop, named for Drummond's dog). In other words, all the people, animals, and revenue streams that are near and dear to Drummond's heart.

It looks like all three episodes of "The Pioneer Woman: Hometown Stories" will drop on December 11, so if you're looking for a Drummond-centric escape to America's heartland this Christmas season, discovery+ has got your weekend sorted.

What episodes will feature in The Pioneer Woman: Hometown Stories?

The Pioneer Woman will tell the stories of her hometown from the perspective of her company's slow-but-steady colonization of the small Oklahoma town of Pawhuska. Each episode will feature an arm of Drummond's vast empire: according to discovery+, there is "A Very Ice Cream Christmas," "Christmas Sleepover," and "Christmas Magic at the Mercantile," which we're guessing will focus on Drummond's ice cream parlour, boutique bed and breakfast, and clothing/homeware shop and restaurant, respectively. Plus, expect some cameos from other Drummond family members, dropping in with good tidings and hall-decking cheer.

Whether the three-episode series feels like Pioneer Woman propaganda, a hometown Christmas on Main Street, U.S.A, or simply one long advertisement put on by Pawhuska's tourism board remains to be seen. Luckily for Pioneer-heads, Drummond is also starring in a scripted, made-for-TV movie from the Food Network called "Candy Coated Christmas" on discovery+, so if "Hometown Stories" doesn't grab you, we're guessing the Christmas movie in which Ree plays a bakery-owner named "Bee," probably will (via The Pioneer Woman). We'll leave it up to the viewer to decide which production feels more based in reality.