Food Network's Reverse Pineapple Pizza Has TikTok Flipping Out

It's hard to go wrong when ordering pizza, unless, of course, you're one of those people who can't stand it when someone else thinks pineapple is the ideal topping for their 'za. A no-no for both Rachel Ray and Gordon Ramsay, choosing the tropical fruit as a topping seems to be, for certain folks, one of the most abhorrent things you can do to a pie, not to mention an insult to Italians everywhere (seriously, never order pineapple pizza in Italy). Adding a savory meat into the mix to create a Hawaiian pie doesn't work either for no-pineapple-pizza hardliners, despite the fact that salty and sweet go together so well. "The sweet and juicy pineapple on pizza is a terrible combo because the flavors of the tomato sauce and pineapple don't mix," explained one opinionated Redditor, who also noted that pineapple also "overwhelms the taste of the pizza itself."

Yes, to many, pineapple pizza is the ultimate example of chaotic evil, and Food Network waded into the fray with a masterful troll via its most recent TikTok video that was shared earlier this week. "Might mess around and put pizza on a pineapple," the network captioned the short clip that, unfortunately, showed someone doing exactly that.

Even pineapple pizza lovers found Food Network's latest TikTok to be strange

Food Network is typically a reliable source for recipes, cooking advice, and general information about the food world. However, the network's TikTok account clearly aims to strike a different, jokier tone. In a five-second video uploaded on Tuesday, November 30, someone cuts a pepperoni pizza into small triangles and places them on top of a large pineapple slice, thus creating the reverse pineapple pizza that you can see in the photo above. Cue the internet meltdown. 

TikTokers flipped out at the sight of Food Network's despicable creation, which one user said made them "extremely uncomfy." Another asked if anybody wanted to sign their "'cancel Food Network' petition," while a third said that the creators needed to go "straight to jail." The dish was even shot down by those that are pro-pineapple pizza, like TikToker @icebreakerswirl. "I like pineapple on pizza, but this is just weird," they commented.

That's about as close as you can get to unanimous consent on the internet. So, Food Network, if your intention was to stir the pot, mission accomplished. And if your intention was to once and for all bridge the massive pineapple pizza divide, also mission accomplished.