Can People Actually Attend Reese's New University?

Reese's University: A center of higher learning revolving exclusively around the decadent coupling of peanut butter and chocolate. Sounds like a worthy endeavor and the pathway to a rewarding, delicious future, doesn't it? If you aspire to become a Fighting Cuppy, you are apparently in luck. Reese's just announced in a press release that for the first time ever, the candy brand will be accepting applications to Reese's University, an institution committed to the brand's "core values of integrity, chocolate, and peanut butter." We are certain that parents of high school seniors all over the country can barely contain their happiness.

The decadent pairing of two of the world's most craved foods has been around for almost 100 years, according to the Reese's website. In 1923, H.B. Reese, who worked for The Hershey Company, wanted to start his own candy business. With his bosses' blessing and an agreement that he only use Hershey's chocolate, Reese started creating various confections in the basement of his home. At the suggestion of a vendor that he was visiting, he covered peanut butter with chocolate, and Reese's peanut butter cups were born.

You can't actually go to Reese's University, but you can still rep it

So, is Reese's University really a thing? Well, you can apply online, and because the acceptance rate is 99.99%, as the website says, you'll likely be accepted. Then what? Alas, a very small disclaimer at the bottom of the site notes that Reese's "lawyers want you to know Reese's University is not a real university." What it is, however, is a means of celebrating your allegiance to the iconic candy brand that boasts tons of different Reese's products, including this year's holiday offering, peanut brittle peanut butter cups. While you may not be able to live on the Reese's campus, you can still buy some Reese's University merch and have a laugh at the school's fictional course list and Fighting Cuppies sports teams.

If an actual degree in chocolate is really a dream of yours, there is apparently a university in England that offers a Ph.D. in the science of chocolate, according to The Economic Times. And if aligning yourself with your favorite candy brand simply makes sense, even though doing so does not offer an actual career path, we say, join up! Being part of an inclusive class that celebrates all things Reese's sounds like a good thing to us.