Andrew Zimmern Sparks Nostalgia With This Family Staple

For many people, food and the holidays are inextricably intertwined. The smells that permeate the kitchen are part of that special magic of the season, and no one is embracing that magic more than Andrew Zimmern as he celebrates Hanukkah. In fact, Zimmern recently posted a video of a traditional Jewish dish that has his Instagram followers strolling down memory lane. In particular, Zimmern shared his recipe for chopped chicken liver, which definitely has his social media followers talking. 

According to Sarge's Deli, chopped chicken liver has a storied history that dates back to medieval Germany. There, Ashkenazi Jews kept geese in order to feed their families, meaning that the first known chopped liver recipes were made with goose liver. It's possible that the dish was born out of economic necessity, where using every part of the animal was essential.

Regardless of its history, Sarge's Deli notes that it makes hundreds of pounds of chopped liver every week to serve to its customers. As Zimmern notes in his post, chopped chicken liver is a major must for many folks during the holidays. According to his followers, he isn't alone in his love for this classic dish.

Zimmern's family has been making this dish for 100 years

The Bizarre Foods host revealed that he serves chopped liver at "every single holiday." As he wrote on Instagram, "When I was a kid, I would spend hours upon hours in my grandmother's kitchen, watching her cook for a small army. She made this to-die-for dish for every holiday. From my family, to yours, I hope you enjoy this Zimmern family staple." 

Zimmern shared on his website that his grandmother, "cooked everything in schmaltz (chicken fat), laid out trays of bread topped with butter and anchovies and, in general, kicked [a**] all over the kitchen. The Zimmern family has been making chopped liver for a century, it's just that Bubbe used to grind it." 

And of course, Instagram was feeling nostalgic. One fan wrote, "This reminds me of my childhood." Another humorously shared that "My Polish grandmother (from Ave A & 5th St) used to send me chopped chicken liver care packages while I was in college. Two great things about her livers – they were AWESOME and I never had to worry about roommates stealing my food!!" Another offered, "OMG chopped liver – YESSSSSSSSSSS!" We don't know about you, but sounds like it's time to break out the matzo and try this spread yourself if you haven't done so already!