Twitter Can't Believe The Way Cardi B Cracks Eggs

Rapper, music artist, and all-around icon Cardi B is well-known across her social media platforms for her larger-than-life personality. Her cooking techniques in particular receive incredulous attention from the foodie community. Last year, Cardi B posted a video on Instagram that included her cracking an egg in what one might call a "unique" manner. The video was quickly reposted to Twitter and viewers had a lot to say about the way the rapper basically just crushed a whole egg in her palm before dropping it into a bowl (though, to be fair, with the stiletto-style manicures that she often sports, you can't really blame her). Comments included "this gives me so much anxiety" and "big muppet energy."

The poster clarified that, luckily, Cardi B wasn't making food in the video — rather, an avocado face mask — so there were no real worries of getting any eggshell in the mixture, but the method was still pretty shocking. 

So what's the right way to crack an egg?

Well ... not the way that Cardi B does it, that's for sure. According to The Kitchn, the easiest, cleanest way to crack an egg is by giving the egg a single, firm tap on a flat surface. Then, while holding the egg over your bowl, press your thumb against the crack until the membrane splits, and then pull it all apart gently, allowing the egg to slip free, clean and clear. The publication notes that you specifically want to follow the advice regarding cracking the egg on a flat surface, like your countertop, rather than against the edge of your bowl or pan, as a bowl is more likely to both break your yolks as well as push bacteria from the shell into the egg.

While Cardi B may not be learning the right way to crack an egg anytime soon, she is making an effort to enhance her culinary chops. She recently tried cooking a variety of Hispanic cuisine with the help of James Beard Award-winning chefs in an episode of "Cardi Tries." She was also overheard talking to Wolfgang Puck at a Beverly Hills dinner, and the chef offered her some cooking lessons (via Page Six).