Aldi Shoppers Are Divided Over This Gingerbread Mulled Wine

When you think of boozy holiday drinks, you might think of seasonal sips like eggnog or champagne. However, another traditional Christmastime adult beverage is mulled wine. Originally from Europe — where it's rumored to first have been invented in the 5th century — it features a red wine base that's flavored with aromatic spices, like cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, star anise, vanilla, orange, and the like (via Love Food). It's often enjoyed warmed up, making it perfect to sip on a cold winter night while you're curled up inside by a roaring fire.

If you want to try mulled wine yourself this holiday season, but don't feel like making it from scratch, there are plenty of pre-made options you can buy at your local liquor store. You can even find a bottle of the good stuff at Aldi, if you live in a state where alcohol is sold at the grocery store. Leave it to the popular retailer to offer something a little more unique than just your average bottle, however. According to a recent Instagram post, Aldi is currently selling gingerbread mulled wine — and shoppers have some opinions about it.

People can't decide if the gingerbread wine would taste good

Along with the rest of its seasonal releases, Aldi just brought bottles of Three Mills Gingerbread Mulled Wine to its shelves for the holidays. Aldi fan account @aldi.mademedoit posted a photo of the festive find to Instagram recently and shoppers can't make up their minds about it. Some think it would be a delicious drink to enjoy on Christmas Eve — especially when it's warmed up — but others disagree, commenting with less than favorable emojis and with one person saying, "That sounds terrible." The gingerbread wine, which will only be available for a limited time at select Aldi stores that sell alcohol, comes in a 75 ml bottle and is flavored with ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves (via Thomas Ridley).

A writer at the Independent previously tested out the holiday wine and said it has its time and place, but it's not necessarily something that everyone would enjoy. "While its saccharine sweetness definitely won't be for everyone, not least those who value their teeth, if you're a fan of autumn's pumpkin spice frenzy, this might be the perfect festive tipple for you," the reviewer noted. Even so, if you want to judge for yourself, head to Aldi soon before it's off the shelves.