Fans Can't Stop Talking About Martha Stewart's Peacock And Cat Together

When it comes to unlikely celeb friendships, Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg's is certainly one of the more unique ones of the bunch. According to the businesswoman's website, the pair first linked up in 2008 when the rapper appeared on Stewart's television program, "The Martha Stewart Show," though it wouldn't be until 2015 that their bond would be solidified for life. "I've never met anyone like Martha Stewart," Snoop said of his pal during a Rolling Stone interview the following year. "When we come together, it's a natural combination of love, peace, and harmony."

That "natural combination" appears to have rubbed off on an unlikely duo within Stewart's myriad of pets, as well. A recent post to the 80-year-old's Instagram account contained a short video that captured one of her newly-liberated peacocks taking a stroll alongside her cat, Blackie, which went surprisingly well considering the fact that the American Bird Conservancy reports that domesticated cats are the number one threat to birds in the United States. "Who is stalking whom?" Stewart captioned the short clip from December 2 in which the colorful bird could be seen strutting on the ground while Blackie trekked along the top rail of a tall fence beside it. The winged walker then proceeded to leap up to the fence just a few feet in front of the feline, though no physical interaction ensued. Stewart declared that (just like rappers and homemakers) "peacocks and cats can be friends."

Here's what fans are saying about the interaction between Martha Stewart's pets

Just like when Martha Stewart and her pal Snoop Dog appear together on Instagram, fans of the frequent "Chopped" host had much to say about her recent social media upload featuring her black cat, Blackie, and one of her many peafowls. "So adorable," one follower commented, while another described the interaction as "priceless" (via Instagram). Some applauded the peacock for its bravery, while others warned about the feline and the bird getting too close. "Might want to watch those two!" Instagram user @lily.palmer.5059 wrote, though another Instagrammer, @devlex919, offered a bit of assurance that the traditional enemies would be okay by sharing that their peafowl and barn cats "get along just fine."

Stewart only recently decided to liberate her 17 peafowls, which she homes at her farm in Bedford, New York. In a recent blog post, she explained that she typically does not let them roam the property until after her dogs and cats have been outside, though based on several pictures that she shared in the update, it appears that her black cat may have been the one visiting the bird at its pen. However, Peacocks UK explains that adult peacocks are usually not bothered by cats and can get along with dogs, sheep, goats, and even horses, as well. While the concern for Stewart's birds is certainly understandable, it seems that they will be safe hanging out with her cat on the farm.