What You Should Absolutely Never Order From Ruth's Chris Steak House

Ruth's Chris is a popular steak house chain with over 150 restaurants worldwide. Its many franchises brought accessible fine dining to suburban and city locations, serving up steaks as well as lobster tails and a selection of wines. Thanks to its five-star customer service and inventive kitchen methods, Ruth's Chris has cemented itself as a fan-favorite eatery with a loyal following across the globe.

But while there are many great dishes at Ruth's Chris (hello, Chocolate Sin Cake!) not everything on the menu is a hit. For instance, seafood at chains can be notoriously tricky, and not all of Ruth's Chris's many lobster dishes are the best. Additionally, with wide selection of entree items and side dishes on the menu, odds are at least a few of them are bad. If you've ever looked at the Ruth's Chris menu and felt a twinge of panic, we've got you. Searching reviews high and low for scathing comments, we've assembled a list of the top things to never order from Ruth's Chris Steak House. You're welcome, America!


We'll start with the obvious here — eating seafood from a chain restaurant is never a great idea, especially from one that specializes in land-bound eats. The Ruth's Chris calamari is no exception.

The official menu describes this item as "lightly fried, with sweet & spicy chili sauce," which brings us to our second red flag. This all-American chain doesn't necessarily scream "fusion food," so their choice of chili sauce is an odd one. Not only will it pair strangely with your meal, but it will almost certainly leave something to be desired. Plenty of better sweet and spicy sauces can be found at actual Asian restaurants, and probably better-cooked calamari to boot.

The reviews on this dish are all over the place. One Yelper described their calamari as "way overcooked" and "so hard," while others said it was "soggy." A third reviewer blamed its sogginess on the dreaded chili sauce, saying that the choice of topping "effectively ruins the texture." How appetizing ...

Lettuce wedge

Ahh ... the lettuce wedge. While we give Ruth's Chris points for not even calling this a salad (translucent iceberg lettuce does not a salad make, my friends), it's still not a great dish. We're not here to hate on you for ordering what is effectively a plate of bacon and bleu cheese — both those things are delicious, plus they go wonderfully with steak! The thing is, there are far better vehicles out there for those toppings than a sad block of water lettuce.

The lettuce in the Ruth's Chris wedge has not been described pleasantly by patrons. One Yelp review called it "yellow and brownish ... old ... and gross." While serving old produce could be chalked up to mismanagement at a particular location, it seems the lettuce isn't great even when it's fresh. Another disappointed reviewer said their salad was just "a mass of white core – worse than stock Kroger quality – I would have thought a high-end and expensive place like this could marshall up some good produce." As we as a nation continue on our path to actually eating good food, let's leave iceberg lettuce behind. Pretty please!

Stuffed chicken breast

Rule number one of going to a steakhouse: don't order chicken! First off, steakhouses are named as such for a reason. Steak is their specialty — it's what they focus their attention on, what they cook best, and what the rest of the experience centers around. The sides and sauces that a steakhouse provides are probably better suited to beef, plus the cooks won't be as specialized at cooking poultry, which can be hard to do well. Additionally, since Ruth's Chris chooses to serve the breast, you are getting the least flavorful, driest piece of the bird. They're practically setting you up for failure.

Second off, you're paying inflated prices to sit down and eat a good steak, so why pay the big bucks just for an average-to-mediocre piece of chicken. Yelp user Charles C. explained how they paid "$35 for a chicken breast," which is nothing to sneeze at, especially since "the entree didn't come with any sides." For that price, you might as well go to a different fine dining restaurant where the chicken will actually be good.

While the sides may have been missing, the dish is loaded with cheese. This may sound like a good thing, but for one diner, it was simply too much. "Stuffed chicken had 4 kinds of cheese mixed together and that combination made me nauseous," reported J W after their trip to the restaurant.

Fresh broccoli side

Broccoli is a classic steak side, so it's not surprising to find it on a Ruth's Chris menu. What is surprising is how bad it is. It seems the restaurant forgot that broccoli is only good when it's well cooked, and that steamed broccoli is not what the people want. Additionally, while you can get away with not seasoning veggies in your own home, there's really no excuse for broccoli a la salt at an expensive restaurant.

Lorna R. of Yelp seems to concur, mentioning in her review, "Steamed broccoli needs to be charred or have some seasoning." Other customers have made similar observations, like Chelsea V., who called it, "BLAND" and said they "couldn't even eat it all because it was tasteless." Especially given the broccoli costs the same as some far superior sides, we would suggest you steer clear of this soft, bland mess.

Roasted Brussels sprouts side

Brussels sprouts are kind of like the chicken of the vegetable world — they're great when done well, but the texture is easy to mess up. The perfect, crispy, roasted or fried Brussels sprout is truly something to behold, especially when paired with a tangy or sweet sauce. However, Brussels sprouts are too often undercooked and poorly trimmed, leaving diners with a crunchy and bitter dish that borders on inedible. Brussels also get a bad rap for their chewiness, which can be easily imparted through poorly suited cooking methods like steaming or boiling.

Unfortunately, the Ruth's Chris Brussels sprouts face a variety of textural allegations. One reviewer noted the Brussels at a Los Angeles location were "tough and not seasoned well." On the opposite side of the spectrum, they have also been described as "too greasy and very chewy." A final customer doesn't specify why exactly they were bad, but does rate them "a solid C." Despite their inconsistencies, reviewers can agree on one thing: not to order them.

Lobster bisque

Surf n' turf is a quintessential steak house treat, and Ruth's Chris does it up in style. Many of their appetizers, mains, and sides features lobster, a deliciously decadent piece of seafood with luxurious connotations. Of the several lobster sides on the menu (including lobster tails and lobster mac and cheese), the lobster bisque stands out as the clear loser.

Reviewers are not jazzed about this soup, saying it tastes bad and doesn't even have much lobster. According to Asha B. of Yelp, "The lobster bisque tastes like it was not made from scratch." To make matters worse, they report that, "​​There are no chunks of lobster in this lobster bisque either... to be honest I'm better off going to Panera bread or Publix if this is what you get." There's certainly no use paying Ruth's Chris prices for Publix-quality soup! If that wasn't enough, one reviewer said it was "absolutely inedible," and "had a weird chemical aftertaste." Yikes.

Potatoes au gratin

For another disappointing side, look no further than the potatoes au gratin. This dish is essentially boiled potatoes with cheese on top masquerading behind a fancy name. Ruth's Chris potatoes are so textureless you can bite right through them, and not in a good way. They also seem to have forgotten the seasoning again, relying on their three cheese sauce to convey all the flavor. To make matters worse, they aren't really even potatoes au gratin, which are supposed to be thinly sliced and broiled with cheese (a method that would've provided better textural experience).

The reviews for this item cite textural as well as flavor issues. For starters, one customer reported the potatoes were "watery and also plain," which is never what you want. Another described their au gratin as, "Very bland, no texture. It tasted like someone had microwaved shredded cheddar and cream on top of cooked potato cubes." While this dish may be fine as a prepackaged microwave side, there is no use paying over $10 for soft potatoes and runny cheese sauce.

Bread pudding

Even desserts aren't safe at Ruth's Chris. Is nothing sacred? In all fairness, bread pudding can go from great to awful pretty quickly, but we still expected more from a place with a limited number of dessert offerings. If you're only going to have four, you ought to be doing them well! While the bread pudding is not the worst thing on the menu, it is certainly not the best. But don't just take it from us: ask Justine H., who called the dessert "decent but nothing special."

As for why it's so mediocre, look to Jake X.'s review. In his words, "Ruth's Chris bread pudding was just too sweet and [had] too many little snacks [e]mbedded into it. It's like I was trying to eat a mixture of trail mix drenched w/ a liquid vanilla [cream] sauce." So, if you like a sticky-sweet bread pudding with too high of a stuff-to-bread ratio, the Ruth's Chris bread pudding is for you. If not, stick with the chocolate sin cake.

The steak

At the end of the day, steak houses exist for one main reason: to serve steaks! Because of this, one would expect that the steaks come out perfectly cooked every time (at least, they better be for how much we pay for them!). Unfortunately, in the case of Ruth's Chris, one would be wrong.

While many customers report positive experiences with their steaks, the preparation quality at this chain seems very inconsistent. For starters, they have been known to overdo their steaks, with one customer reporting, "they were all over-cooked at medium instead of medium-rare." And they don't stop at slightly overdone. Another reviewer described a steak that was "super dry and burnt!" saying their "​teeth started to hurt [and] couldn't even eat it." The attached picture shows a clear char on the meat, with pieces that look tough and even crunchy. Even those who had a fine experience have taken issue with the texture of the meat, saying it was, "not as tender as I expected" and "not the best." Unfortunately, if you're looking for a top-of-the-line steakhouse, Ruth's Chris probably is not your best bet.